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TURKISH JERUSALEM (1516-1917) - page 9 / 36





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Turkish Jerusalem (1516-1917)


The creation of this book would not be possible without the cooperation of the following persons and institutions:

Islamic Museum of Haram al-Sharif and its curator Khadr Salameh who opened the Museum’s collections to me and gave me the permission to photograph them, Dr. Salameh has shared with me his readings of the inscriptions and answered always friendly my questions about obscure passages. The reading and translation of 3 Inscriptions in this book are his work as indicated.

A special thanks also is for my Israeli and Palestinian Friends Sheikh Abdülaziz Buhari, Mahmud Yazbak, Gad Nassi, Gershom the Karaim, Reuven Amitai and Nursel Gürdilek who accompanied me during my visits to Jerusalem and other places. Without their help it would be not possible inspecting and visiting the inscriptions and to take the pictures presented in this book.

Havva Kök from Hacettepe University in Ankara and Mohammad H. Seifikar were kind enough to edit my English.

A special thank is due to Ömer Terzi, Yusuf al-Natsheh, Omar

Tadmori, Suphi Saatçi, Nejdet Ertug,

Osman G. Özgüdenli, Erol

Cihangir, Zuleyha Çolak, Baki Tezcan, Robert Dankoff, Muammer Güçlü, Abdelhak Benaissa, Mehmet Nail Hasip and Hakan Coúkunarslan who have made numerous suggestions for alternative readings of inscriptions. I have in most cases accepted their alternatives; of course the mistakes are mine.

Max van Berchem Foundation in Geneva. was kind enough to give permission for reproduction of the photos of the disappeared and/or lost inscriptions. This book is partly dedicated to the memory of Max

van Berchem. The trustees of Altajir World of Islam Trust

also gave

permission for publication of their material from the book Ottoman Jerusalem the living city 1517-1917.

Creative Reclame, and my friend Ömer Erdem prepared the accompanying maps and lay out of this book.

And as last a most special gratitude to Kamile my hayat arkadaúı (the Turkish word hayat arkadaúı is a better expressession than english partner) in the journey of this life, who supported me during my long visits to the ruins and stones of this world. Without her understanding and support this work and others would not be possible.

Mehmet Tütüncü


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