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CBE ‘Biofilm Timeline Photos from the 2007 CBE Annual Report

Editor’s note: I wish we could have gotten pictures of everybody in the report, but it just wasn’t possible. So, if you can’t find your picture—sorry! And if you did find your picture in the report—sorry! Please notify me if corrections are necessary, and I will be happy to revise this file. —Peg Dirckx, peg_d@biofilm.montana.edu

Front cover People, top, left to right: Alison Rhoads, MS, C/EnvE, 2004

CBE archives Ben Klayman, PhD, EnvE, 2007

Page 4 Grant Writing Group

CBE archives Upper layer: Diane Williams, staff

CBE archives Suriani Abdul Rani, MS, ChBE, 2006

CBE archives Ron Larson, faculty, ChBE

CBE archives Holly Reinemer Berg, undergraduate researcher

Rob Wilke, Wilke Photographics John Sears, faculty, ChBE

CBE archives Pat Secor, undergraduate researcher;

Rob Wilke, Wilke Photographics Warren Jones, faculty, CE

PhD candidate, Cell Biology CBE archives People, bottom: Eliora Bujari, visiting student, New York, 2007 Christopher Groth, visiting student, New York, 2007

Rob Wilke, Wilke Photographics From bottom left, up & around: Frank Roe, staff researcher

Rob Wilke, Wilke Photographics Susan Cooper, staff

CBE archives Microscope images: Top left: Confocal Scanning Laser Microscopy

Susana Sanchez-Gomez, visiting researcher, 2007 Middle left: Stereomicroscopy

CBE archives Alexander (Sandy) Sharp, industry, Westvaco

W.G. Characklis Award, 1992 Rob Wilke, Wilke Photographics Mike Winters, industry, Amoco Corporation

Alessandra Agostinho, staff researcher Top right: Confocal Scanning Laser Microscopy

CBE archives Al Cunningham, faculty, CE

Steve Fisher, staff researcher Bottom right: Confocal Scanning Laser Microscopy

CBE archives Anne Camper, PhD, CE, 1995; faculty, CE

Steve Fisher, staff researcher

Page 2 Top: Phil Stewart, CBE director

CBE archives Bottom: W.G. (Bill) Characklis, CBE founding director

Rob Wilke, Wilke Photographics

Special Recognition Award, 1994 Rob Wilke, Wilke Photographics Zbigniew Lewandowski, faculty, CE

CBE archives Gordon McFeters, faculty, Micro

CBE archives Peg Dirckx, staff

CBE archives

Page 3 Allan Hamilton, visiting researcher, Scotland

Rob Wilke, Wilke Photographics Satoshi Okabe, PhD, CE, 1992 Gabriele Walser, MS, C/EnvE, 1990 Robert Huddleston, industry, Conoco

CBE archives Robert Mueller, MS, C/EnvE, 1990; PhD, CE, 1994

W.G. Characklis Award, 1993 Rob Wilke, Wilke Photographics Mike Trulear, PhD, CE, MSU, 1983

CBE archives Rune Bakke, MS, EnvE, MSU, 1983;

visiting scientist, Norway CBE archives Kevin Marshall, visiting researcher, Australia

Rob Wilke, Wilke Photographics Two unidentified industrial members, left, and Bill Characklis, right

CBE archives David Davies, MS, Micro, MSU, 1987; PhD, Micro, 1995

W.G. Characklis Award, 1996 CBE archives

Nick Zelver, staff

Rob Wilke, Wilke Photographics Phil Bremer, postdoctoral researcher, New Zealand

Rob Wilke, Wilke Photographics

Page 5 Brent Peyton, PhD, ChE, 1992; faculty, ChBE

CBE archives Paul Sturman, MS, C/EnvE, 1991; PhD, CE, 2004;

faculty, CE CBE archives Phil Stewart, faculty, ChBE; Director, 2005–

MSU News Services Paul Stoodley, staff researcher

CBE archives Gill Geesey, faculty, Micro

Rob Wilke, Wilke Photographics Oskar Wanner, visiting researcher, Switzerland

Rob Wilke, Wilke Photographics Marty Hamilton, faculty, Statistics

Rob Wilke, Wilke Photographics Bryan Warwood, staff researcher

CBE archives Rick Rosser, industry, Saudi Aramco

CBE archives

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