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CBE ‘Biofilm Timeline Photos from the 2007 CBE Annual Report - page 3 / 5





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Haluk Beyenal, visiting researcher, Turkey; staff researcher CBE archives Erin Karakas, undergraduate researcher CBE archives Joe Sauer, industry, Albemarle Corp. CBE archives Ursula Charaf, industry, S.C. Johnson TAC Chair, 1998–2000 CBE archives Calvin Abernathy, PhD, CE W.G. Characklis Award, 1998 CBE archives Scott Burnett, staff research assistant; industry, Ecolab CBE archives Wayne Subcasky, industry, Chevron CBE archives

Page 10 Pam McLeod, NSF-REU undergraduate researcher

CBE archives Tami Capeletti, industry, Westinghouse-Savannah River

CBE archives Marianne Huntley, industry, Warner Lambert Co.

CBE archives Tom Palys, industry, Arch Chemicals

CBE archives Ace Baty, PhD, Micro, 1999

CBE archives Paul Berube, NSF-REU undergraduate

CBE archives Pradeep Singh, visiting researcher, University of Iowa

CBE archives Lone Mountain, Big Sky, Montana

CBE archives Rotating annular reactor

CBE archives

Page 11 Christy Rabinovitch, undergraduate researcher CBE archives Mary Fitzgerald, NSF-REU undergraduate; staff researcher CBE archives Margie Hansen, staff CBE archives Mark Shirtliff, postdoctoral researcher CBE archives Carl Erkenbrecher, industry, DuPont CBE archives Judel Buls, MS, C/EnvE, 2000 CBE archives Eric Kern, PhD, Micro, 2001 W.G. Characklis Award, 2001 CBE archives John Komlos, PhD, CE, 2001 W.G. Characklis Award, 2001 CBE archives Luanne Hall-Stoodley, staff researcher Rob Wilke, Wilke Photographics Barry Pyle, faculty, Micro MSU News Services

Richard Walter, industry, Dow Chemical TAC Chair, 2000–02 CBE archives Kevin Kowalk, NSF-REU undergraduate CBE archives Abduhlmohsen Al-Human, industry, Aramco Services CBE archives

Page 12 Nurdan Yurt, PhD, ChE, 2002 W.G. Characklis Award, 2002 CBE archives Erin Werner, undergraduate researcher CBE archives Bob Orr, industry, Tyco Healthcare TAC Chair, 2002–04 CBE archives Mel Czechowski, industry, Church & Dwight TAC Chair, 2004–2006 CBE archives Alison Rhoads, MS, C/EnvE, 2004 CBE archives Birthe Kjellerup, visiting researcher, Denmark CBE archives Georgia Boriello, visiting researcher, Italy CBE archives Woody Star, undergraduate researcher CBE archives Thomas Borch, PhD, PS&ESci, 2003 W.G. Characklis Award, 2003 CBE archives Stephen Hunt, PhD, ChBE, 2004 W.G. Characklis Award, 2003 CBE archives Margo Adgie, visiting student, New York CBE archives Bioglyphs plate MSU-Bozeman Bioglyphs Project Amber Harrer Broadbent, undergraduate researcher CBE archives Patrick Norris, MS, ME, 2004 CBE archives Avi Shantaram, MS, C/EnvE, 2005 CBE archives Abbie Aiken Richards, visiting PhD, ChBE; faculty, ChBE CBE archives Christoph Fux, visiting researcher, Switzerland CBE archives

Page 13 Rocky Ross, faculty, CS

Rob Wilke, Wilke Photographics Jackie Whitaker Hilyard, NSF-REU undergraduate;

staff researcher CBE archives Adie Phillips, MS, C&EnvE, 2003; staff researcher

CBE archives Christine Foreman, faculty, LRES

CBE archives Sarah Codd, staff researcher; faculty, I&ME

Elizabeth Brock, MSU-COE Joe Seymour, faculty, ChBE

MSU News Services

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