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3.0 Trade Flows

This chapter presents selected characteristics about trade flows across the western border as reported in other documents that are of potential relevance to the consideration of TS&W policy options.

3.1 Value, Weight, Commodities and Origin-Destination Patterns

A number of studies have examined trade flow statistics related to the western border. This section summarizes points made in these studies of potential relevance to TS&W policymaking. It classifies the information in terms of value, weight, commodities and origin-destination patterns.

3.1.1 Value

Land trade across the western border--made up of the Upper Plains, Central Plains, Eastern Washington/Rocky Mountains, and Pacific Coast Gateways--was valued at $26.6 billion in 1992. This is about one-sixth of the total of $150.3 billion land trade across the U.S.-Canada border. [Ref 1, p. 35]. The land trade is roughly 80 percent of total trade across the western border [EN-1].

The value of the land trade across the western border is distributed among the western Provinces as follows:

United States-British Columbia (40 percent) United States-Alberta (20 percent) United States-Saskatchewan (10 percent) United States-Manitoba (20 percent) United States-Western Ontario (10 percent). [EN-2].

The value of this trade is expected to increase over the next ten years by roughly 20 percent northbound and 30 percent southbound [EN-3]. (Comment: These numbers may require a revisit given the apparent 25 percent growth in actual trucking movements across the border between 1992 and 1994, as discussed in Chapter 4).

Five crossings account for about 85 percent of the value of Canada's exports and 67 percent of the value of U.S. exports moving south and north across the western border by motor carriers. The three largest are the I-5 Pacific Highway Corridor through Blaine, Washington; the Red River/Mid-Continent Corridor through Pembina, North Dakota; and the I-15 Rocky Mountain Corridor through Sweetgrass, Montana [Ref 2, p. 33].

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