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Privacy International Interim Report. Mistaken Identity; Exploring the Relationship Between National Identity Cards and the Prevention of Terrorism, April 2004

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Unpublished Work

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Executive Order No. 420. Requiring All Government Agencies and Government-Owned and-Controlled Corporations to Streamline and Harmonize their Identification (ID) Systems, and Authorizing for Such Purpose the Director-General, National Economic and Development Authority to Implement the Same and For Other Purposes.

Executive Order No. 420. Implementing Rules and Regulations.

Presidential Decree No. 278. Instituting a National Reference Card System and Creating Therefor the National Registration Coordinating Committee.

Administrative Order No. 308. Adoption of a National Computerized Identification Reference System.

This paper was principally prepared by Dir. Jean Encinas-Franco of the Governance Sector under the supervision of the SEPO Director General.


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The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the SEPO and do not necessarily reflect those of the Senate, of its leadership, or of its individual members.

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