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been no growth of democracy, but instead the actions of the government and the MPs have defamed democracy. Now the people hate this type of democracy that has been demonstrated by the present government. Sixty-two million dollars were given for the electricity and power cables for our province but we don’t know where this money has been spent...These government officials only try to cheat the people because their reports are completely opposite with what we see in practice.

  • Male manager of a cement

factory, rural Parwan

Democracy means freedom and every human being should be independent...but this freedom is not present in the current government of Afghanistan because the rights of poor people are trampled underfoot by people with power and money. This will only change when the government reduces corruption and reduces ethnic discrimination. People can then live independently within the framework of Islam.

  • Male farmer, rural Nimroz

Deconstructing “Democracy” in Afghanistan

The Wolesi Jirga in session (AREU file photo)

In the current government, human rights are destroyed and there is no freedom of speech. The people in government make their own reality with money, they discriminate against different ethnicities and the powerful people abuse their power. This is why implementing democracy is difficult here.

  • Female student, urban Nimroz

In Afghanistan there is no democracy, because those who have power are governing here. If the parliament makes a decision, the government does not care about it. We cannot say that we have democracy here—it is anarchy, because anyone who has a small position in the government can get away with any illegal activity without being questioned about it.

  • Male teacher, Nangarhar




so-called democracy in

Afghanistan. It is like the lipstick of women, which looks beautiful but does not have any resistance against licking. It is the same with the structure of the government—it doesn’t have


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