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Recent Publications from AREU

All publications are available for download at www.areu.org.af or from the AREU office in Kabul.

April 2011

AREU Publication Catalogue 2001-2010

April 201 Mar 2011 Feb 2011


#Afghanistan Research Newsletter 29 Community-Based Dispute Resolution Processes in Kabul City, by Rebecca Gang

Beyond the Market: Can the AREDP transform Afghanistan’s rural nonfarm economy, by Adam Pain and Paula Kantor

Feb 2011 Feb 2011

Proceedings from a Roundtable Discussion on Community-Based Dispute Resolution

Undermining Representative Governance: Afghanistan’s 2010 Parliamentary Election and its Alienating Impact, by Noah Coburn and Anna Larson

Feb 2011 Jan 2011 Jan 2011 Dec 2010

#A to Z Guide to Afghanistan Assistance - Ninth Edition #Afghanistan Research Newsletter 28 Running out of Options: Tracing Rural Afghan Livelihoods, by Paula Kantor and Adam Pain

Understanding and Addressing Context in Rural Afghanistan: How Villages Differ and Why, by Adam Pain and Paula Kantor

Dec 2010

Securing Life and Livelihoods in Rural Afghanistan: The Role of Social Relationships, by Paula Kantor and Adam Pain

Nov 2010

Poverty in Afghan Policy: Enhancing Solutions through Better Defining the Problem, by Paula Kantor and Adam Pain

Nov 2010 Nov 2010 Oct 2010 Oct 2010 Oct 2010 Oct 2010

Governance Structures in Nimroz Province, by Anna Larson #Means to What End? Policymaking and Statebuilding in Afghanistan, by Sarah Parkinson #Afghanistan Research Newsletter 27 Community-Based Dispute Resolution Processes in Balkh Province, by Rebecca Gang #Peace at all Costs? Reintegration and Reconciliation in Afghanistan, by Tazreena Sajjad

Does Women’s Participation in the National Solidarity Programme Make a Difference in their Lives? A Case Study in Parwan Province, by Chona R. Echavez

Sept 2010

Capacity-Building Through Policymaking: Developing Afghanistan’s National Education Strategic Plan, by Dana Holland

Sept 2010

The Impact of Microfinance Programmes on Women’s Lives: A Case Study in Parwan Province, by Sogol Zand

Sept 2010

Afghanistan Livelihood Trajectories: Evidence from Faryab, by Batul Nezami with Paula Kantor

Sept 2010

Local Politics in Afghanistan: Elections and Instability II, by Noah Coburn

#Indicates that the publication or a summary is or will be available in Dari and/or Pashto.

Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit

Flower Street (corner of Street 2) Shahr-i-Naw, Kabul, Afghanistan

phone: +93 (0)79 608 548

email: areu@areu.org.af

website: www.areu.org.af

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