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At the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Northampton, - page 12 / 36





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Motion was made by Mr. Burden that action on the proposed amendment be tabled and that it be sent back to the Planning Commission for further work when the Commission considers the entire ordinance in the near future.  All members were present with the exception of Mr. Hughes and voted “yes.” The motion was unanimously passed.  

The Chairman called to order the following public hearing:

(10)  Comprehensive Plan Amendment 08-01.  The draft text amendments include amending Part I, Section 2 (The Land Use Plan) to:

The Comprehensive Plan is intended to guide and accomplish the coordinated, adjusted, and harmonious development of the County which will, in accordance with present and probable future needs and resources, best promote the health, safety, morals, order, convenience, prosperity and general welfare of the County’s inhabitants.  The proposed Plan amendments are in furtherance of the public necessity, convenience and general welfare and are consistent with good zoning practice.

The draft text amendments include  Amending Part I, Section 2 (The Land Use Plan) to:

Add Martin Siding/Reedtown to the list of designated Villages.

Recognize Bayview as an Existing Planned Rural Village.

Revise the description of the Existing Subdivision settlement type.

Add Downings Beach to the list of designated Existing Cottage Communities.

Revise the descriptions of the Town Edge settlement type and how town edges are defined and designated.

Recognize and acknowledge that certain existing land uses, such as Kiptopeke Condominiums, are already located in Conservation Areas and recommend that their zoning recognize their existing status.

The draft amendments also propose a revised Future Land Use Map (or “FLUM”) (a copy of the draft FLUM is included as part of this public notice) that is based on distinct Settlement Types for designated rural and development areas.  Proposed changes to the existing FLUM (a copy of which is included as part of this public notice) include:

Adding the following Hamlets: Birdsnest West, Cherrystone, and Kiptopeke.

Modifying the boundaries of Sylvan Scene Hamlet and renaming it to Prospect Hill.

Modifying the boundaries of the following Hamlets: Birdsnest, Cedar Grove, Cobb Station, Fairgrounds, Franktown, Magotha, Pat Town, and Weirwood.

Changing the designation of Martin Siding/Reedtown from Hamlet to Village.

Removing the following from the Existing Subdivision District: Downings Beach, Nassawadox Point, Johnson Point, Creekview, Holly Bluff, Wellington Neck (Riverside Lane), Birdsnest West, Hungar’s Beach, and Yeardley.

Adding the following to Existing Cottage Community: Downings Beach.


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