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At the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Northampton, - page 3 / 36





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QZAB bonds available in the amount of $643,405 and the School Board is requesting that the County consider applying for these additional funds.   The existing QZAB allocation, originally dedicated to the middle school, will be transferred to projects at the elementary schools.  Ms. Nunez indicated that bond counsel does have concerns with the County increasing its debt load at this time and we are awaiting further instructions from them.

Motion was made by Mr. Murray that the Board authorize a letter to intent to be sent at this time for the additional 2006 QZAB allocation, but that the final decision will be made by the Board pending further review and advice from bond counsel.  All members were present with the exception of Mr. Hughes and voted “yes.”  The motion was unanimously passed.  

Consent Agenda:  

(3)  Minutes of the meetings of August 1, 5, 7, 12 and 27, 2008.  

Motion was made by Mr. Murray that the consent agenda be approved as presented. All members were present with the exception of Mr. Hughes and voted “yes.”  The motion was unanimously passed.

County Officials’ Reports:  

(4)  Mrs. Glenda Miller, Director of Finance, distributed the following budget amendments and appropriations with associated explanations:

“The attached supplemental appropriations and budget amendments include an appropriation for an allocation to the Tourism Commission for the remaining balance of the additional 3% Transient Occupancy Tax which is dedicated for tourism purposes.  The County has established an agency fund to account for the accumulation of these funds for future needs of the Tourism Commission in Northampton County.  Recovered costs of $1,083 will be reappropriated to the Information Technology department, and an appropriation for a purchase order carryover for maintenance of the postage/folder/sorter machine is included.

G/L AccountDescriptionDebit AmountCredit Amount

100-9600-57085Transfer – NC Tourism Comm.43,525.00

100-0045-49000Appropriated Fund Balance43,525.00


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