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At the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Northampton, - page 32 / 36





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Mr. James Sims, Vice President of the Birdsnest Concerned Citizens group, referenced the requests already stated in Rev. Bryant’s comments as numbers 3 and 5.

Mr. John Chubb questioned the proposed status of existing subdivisions Hungar’s Beach, Yeardley, and Greenbriar Farms and noted that the Future Land Use Map does not recognize what is only the ground today.  He asked the Board to carefully consider the proposed modifications.

Ms. Debbie Campbell spoke with regard to the Silver Beach community, noting that all of the lots are not consistently sized as proposed in a “cottage” setting.

Mrs. Cela Burge asked that Phase II Smith Beach be named an “Existing Subdivision”.  She also questioned the Shepard Davis subdivision which meets the standards at this time.

Mr. Robert Richardson encouraged the Board to send the Comprehensive Plan back to the Planning Commission for further review.

Mr. Bill Parr said that the proposed Comprehensive Plan demonstrates anti-growth policies and asked for its rejection.   He urged the Board to include commercial growth areas along U. S. Route 13.

Mr. Scott Sims asked the Board to leave the Sylvan Scene Hamlet as drawn and named.

There being no further comments, the public hearing was closed.

Following much discussion by the Board, motion was made by Mr. Tankard that the Board take the following actions:

Approve draft text amendments to Part I, Section 2 (The Land Use Plan) to:

Recognize Bayview as an Existing Planned Rural Village.

Revise the description of the Existing Subdivision settlement type.

Revise the descriptions of the Town Edge settlement type and how town edges are defined and designated.


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