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plan include certification by a Professional Engineer that the project has been designed and constructed in accordance with the regulations.  Draper Aden, as our Professional Engineer, will sign this documentation.  After the DEQ inspection and assuming that there are no comments on the permit documents, DEQ issues a permit by rule.  Depending on the regional office, this can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks.  

Therefore, we are anticipating the activation of the transfer station as early as the beginning of November or as late as the beginning of December.

THU Renovation to Sheriff’s Office & EOC:  The Temporary Housing Unit renovation into the Sheriff’s Office and the Emergency Operations Center is scheduled for completion beginning of next week.  The scheduled move for the Sheriff’s Office from Willow to the new facility is currently set for September 12, 2008 but may be altered based upon any weather conditions impacting our region.  The Dispatch Office is scheduled to be moved from the Regional Jail to its permanent home in the new Sheriff’s Office at the end of the month.  

Delinquent Tax Auction:  On August 19, 2008, our attorney held an auction on sixteen properties.  Ten properties received bids in sufficient amounts to cover the outstanding tax liability and the legal and advertising fees for those properties.  Six properties did not receive sufficient bids to cover some or all of the expenses, including tax liabilities.  If these six bids are accepted, the tax liability loss is $4,330.06; the legal fees incurred and paid by the County already which we would lose repayment is $5,009.51; and the remaining fees and advertising expense owed is $4,840.  I am seeking direction from the Board if you would like to accept the bids on these six properties in light of the insufficient bid price to cover expenses and tax liabilities.

The Board agreed to further discuss this matter at its September work session pending additional information to be received from the delinquent tax attorney.

Bike Path Project:  A meeting was held on August 21, 2008 with representatives from ANPDC as our grant administrator, Fish & Wildlife, VDOT and CBBT to discuss the bike path project.  As you may recall, the County has received two grant awards (2007 & 2008) from the VDOT Enhancement Program totaling approximately $142,000 and Fish & Wildlife has received funds for this project in their budget.  The original plan of the project was to combine our funds with Fish & Wildlife funds to tackle the first phase of the project with Fish & Wildlife utilizing their funds to handle engineering, permitting and legal and the County funds used for construction of Phase I.

The original plan is still on track; however, Fish & Wildlife have received additional funds that have enabled them to complete the engineering for all of Phase II as well and to construct Phase II, jointly with the Phase I scope of work.  Additionally, the proposed small parking area described at your meeting in July


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