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MeeT JAMes And dIAne FuLLeR HypotHetical case study #1

Both are 65 years old Plan to retire this year

Want to make sure their retirement savings last for as long as they need it to

we want to continue a r e w e r e a d y t o r e t i r e ? l i v i n g l i f e t o t h e f u l l e s t .

We’d like to maintain our current lifestyle. Will we have enough money to do that – for as long as we live?”

We’ve worked hard to build our retirement savings. Now we’re ready to enjoy it.”

The Fullers may need more money than they think– because of inflation.

Many people underestimate how long they’ll live, and therefore how long they need their income to last. You may live longer than you think, so it’s best to be prepared – with a strategy that provides you with enough income to last your lifetime.

To enjoy the lifestyle they want, the Fullers may need to do more than take income from their retirement savings. They may need to invest at least part of their assets in stocks, which can give them the potential to outpace inflation. Otherwise, as the years go by, even a low rate of inflation can eat away at their purchasing power – leaving them with less money in the end.


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