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  • National Educational Standards

Social Studies: Middle Grades

I. Culture – (c)

The students will be able to explain and give examples of how language, literature, the arts, architecture, artifacts, traditions, beliefs, values, and behaviors contribute to the development and transmission of culture.

V. Individuals, Groups, and institutions – (a)

The students will demonstrate an understanding of concepts such as role, status, and social class in describing the interactions of individuals and social groups.

Missouri Standards

  • Performance (Process) Standard Goal 1: Students will acquire the knowledge and

skills to gather, analyze and apply information ideas.

    • 1.5

      comprehend and evaluate written, visual and oral presentations and works

    • 1.8

      organize data, information and ideas into useful forms (including charts, graphs, outlines)

    • 1.9

      identify, analyze and compare the institutions, traditions and art forms of past and present societies.

      • Social Studies Knowledge (Content) Standard 6: Students will acquire a solid

foundation that includes the knowledge of relationships of the individual and groups to institutions and cultural traditions.

  • Student Learning Objectives:

    • Students will be able to critically analyze objects from the museum collection.

    • Students will use the analysis to develop an understanding of how these objects fit into the relationship of an individual or group to the cultural traditions of a developing nation.

    • Students will be able to effectively communicate their ideas and analysis through oral or written presentations and group activities.

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