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Health Insurance Eligibility and Enrollment

Enrollee Eligibility The following persons are eligible for coverage:

  • A full-time employee who:

    • receives compensation directly from one of the following Mississippi public entities: department, agency, or institution of State Government, public school district, community /junior college, institution of higher learning, or public library

    • works for the State’s judicial branch,

    • works for the State’s legislative branch,

    • works as a full-time salaried Judge,

    • works as a full-time salaried District Attorney, or is a member of his staff,

    • works as a full-time compulsory school attendance officer, or

    • works for a university based program authorized under state law for deaf, aphasic, and emotionally disturbed children.

  • A regular non-student school bus driver.

  • A COBRA participant.

  • A retired employee.

  • A surviving spouse.

NOTE: Any employee participating in the Plan who receives retirement benefits from the Mississippi Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) must be covered as a retiree and not as an active employee.

Dependent Eligibility Eligible dependents include the following:

  • The enrollee’s legal spouse as defined by Mississippi law, unless the spouse is also an eligible

employee under the Plan.

The enrollee’s unmarried child up to age 19, or up to age 25 if he is a full-time student. Full- time students must be enrolled in 12 or more semester hours (or its equivalent) of course work, attend an accredited high school, college, or university, and be dependent on the enrollee for support. When a student reaches the age of 25, he is terminated from the Plan even if he is still a full-time student.


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