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Mail Order Service Plan participants can enjoy the convenience of home delivery by using Catalyst Rx’s mail order service provided in partnership with Walgreens Healthcare Plus.

In order to participate in the mail order program, participants must register as a first time Walgreens mail service user. Registering with Walgreens Healthcare Plus will establish your health, allergy, and plan information. This can be done by completing the registration form and mailing in with new prescription and/or refill information.

3 Steps to Enroll in the Mail Order Service

  • Call your physician and obtain a new 90-day prescription.

  • Complete the Walgreens Healthcare Plus Registration & Prescription Order Form (available at http://knowyourbenefits.dfa.state.ms.us) and mail it in

  • Order your refill 7-10 days before your supply runs out. This will allow ample time for shipping and delivery of your order.

Some Helpful Tips When Using The Mail Order Service

  • Verify the deductible and/or co-payment amount by calling Catalyst Rx at 1-866- 757-7839.

  • Make sure the prescription is written for a 90-day supply.

  • To ensure the order is not held up due to insufficient payment, be sure to provide a valid credit card number on the order form. Walgreens will contact the participant to authorize any co-payment amounts more than $100 above the expected co- payment before billing the credit card.

  • Please allow 7-10 days for your order.

  • You may also obtain additional mail order registration forms and prescription order forms on the Plan’s web site at knowyourbenefits.dfa.state.ms.us

A prescription submitted to the mail order service for less than a 90-day supply will be charged the same co-payment as for an entire 90-day supply. Catalyst Rx has the right to stop mail order service if an enrollee carries a delinquent balance on his account.

A mail order co-payment will be applied to each unit for any covered drug or medical item that requires a specific co-payment per unit or vial, such as insulin and diabetic supplies.

Prior Authorization Certain prescription drugs require prior approval. The prescribing physician must contact Catalyst Rx at 1-866-757-7839 for prior authorization. The physician must provide appropriate documentation of medical necessity. Only the physician can request prior authorization approval.

Examples of prescription drugs requiring prior authorization include, but are not limited to:

  • medications for treating acne,

  • certain medications for arthritis,

  • anabolic steroids,


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