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If a dependent child loses coverage under the Plan because of...

Continuation of coverage under COBRA may extend for…

  • A parent’s divorce or legal separation

  • COBRA participant becomes entitled to Medicare

  • No longer being an eligible dependent under the Plan

Up to 36 months

If another qualifying event occurs during an 18 month continuation coverage period, then the period of continuation coverage can be extended, but not to exceed 36 months from the date of employment termination or reduction of hours of the employee.

Disability Extension An 11-month extension, in addition to the initial 18 months, may be granted to qualified beneficiaries who were disabled (as defined and determined under the Social Security Act) at the time of the qualifying event or at any time during the first 60 days of COBRA continuation coverage. A copy of the disability determination notice from the Social Security Administration must be received by Blue Cross & Blue Shield within 60 days of the qualified beneficiary receiving the notice and before the end of the initial 18 month period of continuation coverage to be eligible for this extension.

Cost for COBRA Continuation Coverage The qualified beneficiary pays the entire cost for COBRA continuation coverage. The rate charged is 102% of the regular Plan rates. If there is an 11-month extension, the rate charged will be 150% of the regular Plan rates during the extended 11 months.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield can require payment of a premium for any period of continuation coverage, but premiums may be paid in monthly installments at the election of the qualified beneficiary. Payment of premiums must be made within 30 days of the due date.

COBRA Continuation Coverage Checklist: 9 A COBRA election form must be completed and returned to Blue Cross & Blue Shield within 60 days of the date coverage ended or the date of the notice, whichever is later. 9 The first premium payment must be made within 45 days from the date of election to continue coverage. 9 The first payment must include all premiums due for the coverage period beginning with the COBRA coverage effective date through the current month.

Qualified beneficiaries will have continuous coverage through the COBRA election period as long as the applicable premiums are paid. If the required premium payment is not received within the 45 day period, coverage will terminate retroactively to the date of the qualifying event.


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