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Notice of Election of Exemption From Certain Requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Name of Plan:

State and School Employees’ Life and Health Insurance Plan

Plan Sponsor:

State and School Employees Health Insurance Management Board c/o Department of Finance and Administration P.O. Box 24208 Jackson, MS 39225-4208

Plan Year

January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006

Notice to Participants:

Federal law imposes upon group health insurance plans the following requirements from which a self-funded non-federal governmental plan may elect to be exempted in whole or in part:

  • (1)

    Limitations on pre-existing condition exclusion periods;

  • (2)

    Special enrollment periods;

  • (3)

    Prohibitions against discriminating against individual participants and beneficiaries

based on health status;

  • (4)

    Standards relating to benefits for mothers and newborns;

  • (5)

    Parity in the application of certain limits to mental health benefits; and

  • (6)

    Required coverage for reconstructive surgery following mastectomies.

The State and School Employees Health Insurance Management Board has elected to exempt the State and School Employees’ Life and Health Insurance Plan, as a non-federal governmental plan, from these requirements in their entirety. The Board, however, has elected to generally comply with the intent of these requirements voluntarily. The necessary changes to Plan benefits have been implemented and are included in this Plan Document.

Federal law also requires the Plan to provide covered participants with a certificate of creditable coverage when they cease to be covered under the Plan. There is no exemption from this requirement. The certificate provides evidence that a participant was covered under this Plan, because establishing prior coverage may entitle a person to certain rights when joining another employer’s health plan or if the participant wishes to purchase an individual health insurance policy.


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