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BlueBox Home Survey Factsheet

Helping you get the most out of Home Surveys No. 10

Wot? No advice!

For the Condition Report, that is exactly right. As more surveyors offer Condition Reports to their clients, early feedback suggests many are finding it difficult NOT to offer advice. However, to make sure the Condition Report and HomeBuyer Report remain distinctive, practitioners must stick to this strict principle. This factsheet outlines how the text in the Condition Report should be put together.

The first part of the phrase should be a brief, objective description of what you have found during your inspection without any advice. This part of the text consists of the following components:

  • a description of the construction and location of the element. This should be short and simple, avoiding technical jargon;

  • a description of the type of defect in broad terms.

For example:

  • the actual part that has something wrong with it (the slates, the flat roof covering, the brickwork, and so on);

  • what is wrong, together with the magnitude of the problem (it is completely broken, leaking badly, partially missing, rotten, and so on).

Where a problem poses a risk to the property, grounds or people (section J), a reference to the appropriate section should be included (for example ‘See section J1’, or ‘See section J3’, and so on).

At the end of this phrase, you should simply state the appropriate condition rating and highlight this in bold. This should be limited to one of the following phrases:

Condition rating 1; Condition rating 2; Condition rating 3; Condition rating 3 (further investigation); Not inspected.

Unlike the HomeBuyer Report, that is where the text in this report ends. There is no advice in a Condition Report; because it is an objective

assessment of the general condition of the main elements of a property, expressed in terms of condition ratings. There are no exceptions to this strict rule.

A Surveyor’s guide to RICS

Home Surveys Second edition now available

Expanding on the official RICS guidance governing the HBR and CR reports, this book gives clear explanations, illustrated with examples, of each stage in the process of delivering the services, including checklists, site notes and complete samples of each report.

Well that’s what it says in the press release and it’s not too far from the truth. Written by Phil Parnham with Larry Russen as the technical editor, this ‘BlueBox production’ updates the first edition and now incorporates all aspects of the Condition Report.

Much of the content will be familiar to those who have ‘The surveyor’s guide to the HBR’ but if you are planning to offer the Condition Report, we think this is a must. New features include:

  • Inspection and report writing for the Condition Report;

  • Revised and adaptable site notes package that caters for a variety of approaches, and;

  • A model Condition Report to compare to the HBR model previously produced.

If you want to buy a copy, please visit www.ricsbooks.com

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No. 18 June 2011

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