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size of the house. Supervisor Smith said that, in his opinion, the proposal was too large for the lot.

There being no further questions from the audience or the Board, and all those wishing to be heard having been heard, the Public Hearing was closed.

Supervisor Smith made a motion, seconded by Councilperson Glossner, that the application for a Special Use Permit for construction of a duplex at 314 Aldrich Road be denied because, in reviewing Section 208-54, Special Permits, the proposed use would not be compatible with the character of the neighborhood, particularly with regard to visibility, scale and overall appearance; the topography of the site is not suitable for the proposed use; the property does not have sufficient, appropriate and adequate area for the use, given the topography and the shared driveway; adequate facilities do not exist or cannot be integrated into the site to properly deal with stormwater runoff and because the natural characteristics of the site (the grade) are such that the proposed use may not be introduced without undue disturbance or disruption of important natural features.

Ayes: Smith, Glossner, Saum, LaFay Nays: None Unanimously approved


Supervisor Smith opened the Public Hearing and asked the Clerk for proof of publication and affidavit of posting. Proof of publication was given in the Perinton Fairport Post on December 28, 2006; affidavit of posting was also December 28, 2006.

Commissioner Beck said that many residences in the Pinecrest Subdivision have aging or failing septic systems and are in need of replacement, which a sanitary sewer system would provide. The Department of Public Works has met with the neighbors several times; the majority of the residents are in favor of sewer construction. The current reconstruction of Rte 96 makes sewer construction feasible.

Supervisor Smith asked if there were any questions from the audience.

A man in the audience asked if the houses around Lake Lacoma would be served by sewers. Commissioner Beck said that, at the property owners' request, they would not. The man said that he worried that pollution from those septic systems could be a problem for the lakes and ponds in the area. Mr. Beck said a connection near Lacoma Lane would be part of the construction. This would accommodate these homes should they desire to hook up in the future.

A man from Kendon Road asked if any of the sewage would be pumped. Commissioner Beck said that a few of the homes may require pumps to get their sewage from the houses to the main; once there, the sewers would be gravity flow from Pinecrest to Rte 96 to the Monroe County interceptor. The man asked if the sewers would be built in the roadways. Commissioner Beck said that, for the most part, they would.

A woman in the audience asked about dust issues. Commissioner Beck said that they would try to keep the dust down but that there would be some dust created. He said that residents should call his department if the dust became a real problem.

A man from 58 Kurt Road asked about a tentative timeline. Commissioner Beck said that, if the Board approved district formation at this meeting, there would be a 30 day time for Permissive Referendum. After the 30 days the financing would be approved, followed by a 20 day estoppel period. He hoped to bid the project in February, open the bids in March and begin construction within 30 days of awarding the bid. He anticipated that construction would be completed in 2007 and the final paving and seeding would be done in 2008.

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