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PCCC GIS I Exercise 2 (AV9.1) - Locate your car with GPS, map it with GIS v2, Apr 2007 - page 22 / 31





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Step 10 - Create the address locator and set parameters for geocoding Discussion: In this step, you will identify the reference table used to create the address locator that will be used to geocode the addresses, as well as set some parameters that will control the address matching process. To understand the address-matching process, it might be helpful to open the county_roads_sp.dbf (the reference table) and observe the types of columns present:

When the address locator is created, it will be important to note the differences in the column

names in the input address and reference tables.

You will want to make sure that the address

locator can identify the fields in the input address table and “match” those fields to the correct fields in the address locator.

NOTE: Although it is now possible to use ArcToolbox functions in AV9.x, I have had better luck performing certain tasks with ArcCatalog (including Geocoding) so that is the approach here. Procedure: NOTE: AV8 users click HERE for steps 10 & 10a

  • Start > Programs > ArcGIS > ArcCatalog

In the window that appears (below left), scroll almost to the bottom in the LH side window; dbl- click on Create New Address Locator (blue arrow)

  • In the Create New Address Locator window that appears (above right) select US Streets

with Zone (File) (red arrow); press OK.


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