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PCCC GIS I Exercise 2 (AV9.1) - Locate your car with GPS, map it with GIS v2, Apr 2007 - page 30 / 31





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  • From the ArcMap view, select File > Add Data. Scroll to your njdep_orthophotos folder and select the J5B7 false-color airphoto (below left); press Add. If you encounter an unknown spatial reference window (below right), click OK.

The airphotos are brought into the view (below left). Turn off the county_boundary shapefiles if they are obscuring the airphotos.

Zoom in to Memorial between Ellison and Market (above right). Brighten and enlarge the point marking PCTC, the colors of the streets and the street names as necessary, by dbl-clicking on the features in the ToC and using the Symbol Selector window to change color and size.

  • Discussion - As you zoom in closely to the PCCC campus, you quickly discover a frequent problem that occurs when you download data from different sources into one map view: data do not always directly overlie each other, even when you have set the projection correctly. I have confirmed that even the NJDEP-modified TIGER files do not overlie their orthophotos (!). 3rd-party, proprietary (and often expensive) data frequently overlies data sets better than data available for free

Step 12 - Label your car and measure its distance from the campus point Procedure:

  • Use File > Add Data to add your GPS data to the ArcMap view

  • Rt-click on group*latlon_gps in the Table of Contents > select Label Features.

  • Rt-click on group*latlon_gps in the Table of Contents > select Open Attribute Table. Select the far LH portion of the line that contains your name; the line should turn a bright aqua blue and your car position in the map view should also turn bright aqua blue.

  • Select the Measuring Tool from the main Toolbar. Click on the Geocoded point that represents your campus (NJCU or Passaic CCC), then drag the mouse to your car’s position. In the lower LH portion of your ArcMap screen, there should be a number showing the number of feet from the geocoded point to your car. Note that number for your writeup.


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