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e-paper display (i.e., one constructed without a glass substrate). Touch was therefore accomplished by pressing through the e-paper display, which seemed to work surprisingly well.

Kyocera showed a glass–glass touch screen aimed at the industrial market. Glass–glass touchs screens have previously been limited mostly to the automotive market; Kyocera made a fairly convincing argument that glass–glass touch screens are especially appropriate for the industrial market, given their clarity, durability, and ability to be totally sealed.

Other Touch-Related Events This article has “touched” on only a small fraction of the large amount of information on touch that was presented at Display Week 2010. In addition to the 67 touch-related exhibitor booths, the following activities also took place:

  • A 4-hour Short Course on touch tech- nologies on Sunday, attended by over 130 people.

  • A panel discussion on touch during Monday’s Business Conference and Tuesday’s Investor Conference.

  • A Symposium keynote speech on the history of touch by Bill Buxton, a world- famous touch researcher currently at Microsoft.

  • 14 Symposium technical papers on touch-related topics, covering everything from the history of touch interfaces to driving methods for analog multi-touch resistive (AMR) to in-cell capacitive touch for large LCDs

  • Six poster papers on touch-related topics, including one especially interesting paper by Uni-Pixel Displays entitled “Theory, Design, and Production of Fingerprint- Resistant Films for Touch-Enabled Displays”

  • Five supplier presentations on touch topics during Tuesday’s Exhibitors’ Forum; these included talks by 3M, EETI, NextWindow, RiTdisplay (US Micro Products), and Zytronic.

  • A 90-minute Applications Seminar on Wednesday on emerging touch applica- tions, attended by about 45 people.

  • A full-day Market Focus Conference entitled “The Future of Touch and Interactivity” on Thursday, attended by well over 100 people.

If you are reading this article to see what you missed by not attending Display Week 2010, hopefully it is now clear that from a touch-technology point of view, you cannot afford to miss Display Week 2011!

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Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. May 15–20, 2 11

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