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Flaghouse Special Populations Catalog.

Source: Hasbrouck Heights, NJ: Flaghouse, Inc. 200x. 225 p. Availability: Available from Flaghouse, Inc. 601 Flaghouse Drive, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604. (800) 793-7900. Fax: (800) 793-7922. E- mail: info@flaghouse.com. Website: www.flaghouse.com. PRICE: Single copy free. Language: English. Abstract: This catalog lists resources for occupational therapists, recreational therapists, and special educators in the areas of recreation therapy, adapted physical education, and physical therapy. Products are presented in seventeen categories: snoezelen, sensory stimulation, flying colors, adapted play, recreation, learning, evaluation, furniture, living aids, orthopedics, conductive education, positioning/standing, ambulation/mobility, exercise, aquatics, active play, gross motor. Full- color photographs, pricing information, order forms, and an index are also included. Subject Category: Balance. Speech. Smell. Hearing. Language. Descriptors: Equipment and Supplies. Occupational Therapy. Recreation. Sensory Input. Music. Sensory Disabilities. Therapy. Language Development. Balance. Children. Exercise.


NICHCY: Publications Catalog.

Source: Washington, DC: National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities (NICHCY). 200x. 8 p. Availability: Available from National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities (NICHCY). P.O. Box 1492, Washington, DC 20013- 1492. Voice/TTY (800) 695-0285. E-mail: nichcy@aed.org. Website: www.nichcy.org. PRICE: Single copy free. Language: English. Abstract: This catalog lists publications available from the National Information Center for Children and Youth With Disabilities (NICHCY), an information clearinghouse that provides information on disabilities and disability-related issues. The catalog includes general resources, news digests, transition summaries, disability fact sheets, disability briefing papers, parent guides, student and technical assistance guides, and bibliographies. The catalog concludes with ordering information and an order form. Pricing information is included. Subject Category: Hearing. Descriptors: Hearing Loss. Disabilities. Information Resources. Children. Parent Education. Health Education. Adolescents. Legal Issues. Education of the Hearing Impaired. Disability Programs. Activities of Daily Living.


LS and S Group: Specializing in Products for the Visually

Impaired, Deaf and Hard of Hearing. 200x Catalog.

Source: Northbrook, IL: LS and S Group, Inc. 200x. [145 p.]. Availability: Available from LS and S Group, Inc. P.O. Box 673, Northbrook, IL 60065. Voice: (800) 468-4789 or (847) 498-9777. TTY (800) 317-8533. Fax: (847) 498-1482. E-mail: LSSGRP@aol.com. Website: www.lssgroup.com. PRICE: Single copy free. Language: English. Abstract: This catalog lists products for people who have visual and/or hearing impairments. The products are indexed separately, for ease of use. Products for people who are deaf or have hearing impairments include telephones and telephone equipment, amplifiers, TTYs, answering machines, alerting devices, ADA compliance kits, signaling systems, Silent Call personal alert systems, paging systems, alarm clocks, FM systems, assistive listening systems, classroom listening systems, infrared listening systems, and communication devices. Each product is illustrated with a black-and-white photograph; prices are noted. Subject Category: Hearing. Descriptors: Assistive Devices. Alerting Devices. Assistive Listening Devices. Telephone. TTY. Equipment and Supplies. Telecommunications. Tactile Aids. Adaptive Equipment. FM Systems. Communication Devices.


Harris Communications Catalog: Products for Everyday

Individuals in Everyday Life.

Source: Eden Prairie, MN: Harris Communications. 200x. [184 p.]. Availability: Available from Harris Communications. 15159 Technology

Drive, Eden Prairie, MN 55344-2277. (800) 825-6758 or (612) 906-1180. TTY (800) 825-9187 or (612) 906-1198. Fax: (612) 906-1099. E-mail: mail@harriscomm.com. Website: www.harriscomm.com. PRICE: Single copy free. Language: English. Abstract: This catalog contains books, videotapes, novelties, and assistive devices. The books and videotapes section includes the following categories: Gallaudet's Pre-College National Mission Programs, children's materials, consumer education, coping with hearing loss, entertainment, deaf culture, hearing health professionals, heritage, interpreting, parents' resources, professional resources, religion, sign language, and teaching resources. The assistive devices section is divided into fifteen categories: text telephones (TTYs), clocks and wake up alarms, visual alert signalers, notification systems, pagers-warning devices-detectors, computer TTY modems, assistive listening devices, hearing aid batteries-accessories, telephone products, computer videoconferencing, ALD accessories, speech assistance, television products and ADA compliance products. There is also a category on novelties, which includes cards, jewelry, posters, and games. The catalog includes an index and order form. Subject Category: Hearing. Descriptors: Communication Disorders. Assistive Devices. Deaf Community. Deaf Persons. Education. Curriculum. Audiovisual Materials. Cultural Factors. Interpreting. Sign Language. Hearing Loss. Parent Education.


Facing Neurofibromatosis: A Guide for Teens.

Source: New York, NY: National Neurofibromatosis Foundation, Inc. 200x. 16 p. Availability: Available from National Neurofibromatosis Foundation, Inc. 95 Pine Street, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10005. (800) 323-7938. (212) 344-6633. Fax: (212) 747-0004. E-mail: NNFF@nf.org. Website: www.nf.org. PRICE: $1 plus shipping and handling. Language: English. Abstract: This booklet describes neurofibromatosis (NF), a genetically determined disorder that causes tumors (mostly benign) to grow on all types of nerves in the body. Written specifically for teens recently diagnosed with NF, the booklet defines NF and its two types (NF1 and NF2), then focuses on NF1. The booklet discusses how NF is diagnosed, its diagnostic features, how NF1 affects the body and what can be done about it, cosmetic effects, pain, growth and development, learning disabilities, medical follow up, genetics, dealing and coping with NF as an adolescent (psychosocial considerations), and the kinds of research being done on NF. The contact information for the National Neurofibromatosis Foundation (NNFF) is provided (800-323-7938 or www.nf.org). Subject Category: Hearing. Descriptors: Genetic Disorders. Neurofibromatosis. Symptoms. Diagnosis. Therapy. Research. Complications. Adolescents. Tumors. Patient Education. Support Groups. Voluntary Organizations. Risk Factors. Genetics. Family. Children. Diagnostic Tests. Psychosocial Factors. Growth and Development.


Soundbytes: The Hearing Enhancement Resource.

Source: New York, NY: Soundbytes. 200x. 62 p. Availability: Available from Soundbytes. 11 East 44th Street, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10017. Voice/TTY (800) 667-1777. Fax: (212) 371-7318. E-mail: info@soundbytes.com. Website: www.soundbytes.com. PRICE: Single copy free. Language: English. Abstract: This catalog presents products designed to help people with hearing loss. Products include a cellular phone with a built-in TTY, a cellular phone with VibraCall and a hearing aid connect, a call router, a text pager, telephone amplifiers, voice carry over (VCO) telephone, a big button telephone, cordless speaker phones, TTYs, computer modem and software to make a computer function as a TTY, a sign language board game, hearing aid maintenance kits, wireless alerting devices, Fax machine, television captioning products, personal FM systems, and educational software. The catalog features full-color photographs of the products; pricing information is included. Subject Category: Hearing. Descriptors: Assistive Devices. Assistive Listening Devices. Alerting

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