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enacted laws or regulations meeting the criteria specified in NMHPA. These laws apply to an

additional 25 percent of those in fully insured health insurance plans. While some of these States

passed legislation in direct response to the federal law, other States had already considered

hospital lengths of stay for childbirth, but without final passage of legislation. Thus, the estimates

of the statutory impacts, as of the date of enactment, probably overstate the direct impact of


Paperwork Reduction Act

The interim rules contain no new information collection requirements that are subject to

review and approval by OMB under the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (Pub. L. 104-13, 44

U.S.C. Chapter 35). The agencies reported the information collection burdens associated with

NMHPA in the interim rules (Interim Rules Amending ERISA Disclosure Requirements for

Group Health Plans) implementing section 711(d) of ERISA that were published in the Federal

Register on April 8, 1997 (62 FR 16979). OMB approved these information collection

requirements under OMB control number 1210-0039. Subsequently, the agencies published the

OMB control number in the Federal Register at 62 FR 36205 (July 7, 1997).

In addition, the group and individual market notification requirements for group health

plans under section 2704(d), and issuers under 2751(b) of the PHS Act, are not considered

“information” as defined in 5 CFR 1320.3(c)(2) and are therefore not subject to the Paperwork

Reduction Act of 1995. In particular, 5 CFR 1320.3(c)(2) states that “the public disclosure of

information originally supplied by the federal government to the recipient for the purpose of

disclosure to the public is not included within the definition” of a collection of information.


Regulatory Flexibility Act, Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995, and Small


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