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established by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American Academy of Pediatrics, or any other established professional medical association.

(iii) The State law requires, in connection with the coverage for maternity care, that the hospital length of stay for such care is left to the decision of (or is required to be made by) the attending provider in consultation with the mother. State laws that require the decision to be made by the attending provider with the consent of the mother satisfy the criterion of

this paragraph (e)(1)(iii). (2) Group health plans

(i) Fully-insured plans.

For a

group health plan that provides benefits s insurance coverage, if the State law regul insurance coverage meets any of the criter of this section, then the requirements of Act and this section do not apply.

olely through health ating the health ia in paragraph (e)(1) section 2704 of the PHS

(ii) Self-insured plans. For provides all benefits for hospital

a group lengths

with childbirth requirements of apply.

other than through health section 2704 of the PHS Ac

health plan that of stay in connection insurance coverage, the t and this section

(iii) Partially-insured plans. For a provides some benefits through health insu State law regulating the health insurance the criteria in paragraph (e)(1) of this s requirements of section 2704 of the PHS Ac

group health plan that rance coverage, if the coverage meets any of ection, then the t and this section


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