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Introduction – give a general overview of the technology in production/construction

In this course, we have learned software called MATLAB. It is a high-level program, which has many interactive features. It operates as a simple calculator. Vectors or matrix are defined and various types of plots can be created. We can also use a few points to fit to form a polynomial. Thus, we can find roots and particular coordinate in this curve. On the other hand, MATLAB can run sequence of commands. This combine program and/or functions within MATLAB environment to make it more flexible. These programs can also combine with a Graphic User interface to make it more user friendly .

Technical Content – write on the technical aspects, such as workshop procedures, tools and equipment used and factors affecting choice of processes etc. of one or two of the more important tasks done

We can run MATLAB from the start menu or from a desktop icon. After starting, the MATLAB desktop opens. We can use the prompt (>>) in the command window to define variables or run functions. The MATLAB environment allows us to work interactively by entering and defining variables and commands at the command windows.

Essentially, the only data objects in MATLAB are rectangular numerical matrices. There are no restrictions placed on the dimensions of a matrix, but special meaning is sometimes attached to 1x1 matrices (scalars), matrices with only one row or column (vectors). The memory required for the storage of each matrix is automatically allocated by MATLAB.

Once the variables are defined, we can use the functions to solve mathematical problems. MATLAB has over 600 functions. It can solve matrix operations, polynomial operations, matrix arithmetic, linear equations, eigenvalues, singular values, matrix factorizations, polynomial roots, evaluation, curve fitting, and partial fraction expansion etc.

After finding out the result on command window, we can display vectors and matrices as graphs, as well as annotation and printing these graphs. To create presentation graphics, we can prepare data, call elementary plotting function, select line and marker characteristics, set axis limits, tick marks and grid lines, annotate the graph

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