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with axis labels, legend, and text.

We can be able to tailor MATLAB by creating another functions and programming scripts of MATLAB. The name of each file must be ended in ``.m'' and must be found on MATLAB's search path. These statements are not displayed by default while an M-file execute.

A script may contain any sequence of MATLAB statements, including references to another M-files. It can invoke any other commands without arguments and acts as variables of the workspace globally. Each command in the file is executed as though you can type it in MATLAB.

The first line of a function M-file starts with the word function. It declares the name of the function, its input and output parameters. All inputted parameters and variables defined within the file are local to the function.

GUI (Graphical User Interfaces)

User can start Graphical User Interface by using GUIDE. Layout Editor is the control panel for all of the GUIDE s. Secondly, We can lay out the GUI and set each component’s properties by using the tools in the Layout Editor. Thirdly, program the GUI whit the M-file Editor. Finally, the figure is run by pressing the ‘Figure Activator’ or by selecting the Activate Figure item in the Tools menu.

Comment/Conclusion – evaluate the technology acquired and comment on the type, content, effectiveness, duration etc. of the training conducted

MATLAB provides an excellent platform for the computational requirements of undergraduate and research studies. It is also widely used in industry and commerce throughout the world, and this reviewer and his colleagues recommend it to mathematics, science and engineering students. In the mathematics and many engineering degree courses, it is very widely taught and used at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Mathematics students are taught MATLAB as their main computational "programming" language..

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