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Achieving high growth targets, fulfilling long-term commitments to shareholders, expanding concepts into new markets. With so many challenges, how can restaurant executives optimize their network for maximum returns?

The answer is simple – location intelligence

When location information is taken to the next level, restaurant executives find the answers they need to make critical business decisions, helping them to confidently forecast sales and choose the best sites and markets. Armed with market optimization and site selection solutions from Pitney Bowes Business Insight, restaurant excutives can avoid costly brick-and-mortar mistakes and secure the best locations for successful growth while staying ahead of the competition.

Proven market strategies from the industry leader

can tailor a market planning solution that is scalable, affordable and appropriate for the lifecycle and stage of any restaurant brand.

Real estate decision makers rely on the local market knowledge and expertise of our Predictive Analytics group, with roots that trace back to the inception of Thompson Associates in 1959. We have helped hundreds of restaurant chains large and small – including quick service, quick- casual, casual and full-service dining concepts – make more profitable market planning, optimization and site selection decisions. Pitney Bowes Business Insight is one of the oldest and largest predictive analytics research and consulting firms in the United States, specializing in retail, restaurant and real estate research and strategy. We pioneered ‘location intelligence,’ and while the names have changed over the years, our commitment to providing innovative research solutions and sophisticated site selection and sales forecasting models remains constant. Our success is built on accuracy and efficiency– using the latest analytical technology and data for timely, market-driven decisions.

Visualize your trade areas –locations, customers, competitors with powerful mapping tools from Pitney Bowes Business Insight. Analyze actual distribution of store sales to create real world trade areas, not just arbitrary rings.

The Pitney Bowes Business Insight difference

Our Predictive Analytics team has developed and refined a superior methodology that is based on real-world experience; first-hand knowledge of markets gained by having analysts’ feet on the street and the local intelligence you can only get at the site. We call it “ground truth” market knowledge. With over 200 analysts around the world and thousands of market studies under our belts, we have the coverage and experience to assess major market opportunities worldwide. We have the global presence and experience to deliver.

Location intelligence delivers insight

By leveraging our advanced modeling techniques, operations, real estate and marketing executives can get specific answers to critical strategic questions:

  • Where are the best markets for expansion?

  • What locations would be most profitable?

  • How many locations can this market support?

  • How would a restaurant perform at that site?

  • Will the market support this restaurant concept?

Scalable, flexible deployment options

  • How will a new site impact existing units?

  • How do I define defensible trade areas?

Supported by the industry’s leading location intelligence products, including data, software, and services, we deliver a full suite of tools for market understanding, visualization and reporting for businesses of all sizes. Flexible deployment via enterprise, web or desktop guarantees that real estate decision makers have access to market knowledge when and where they need it. We provide the broadest offering of geographic analysis, mapping and data products and we

Armed with this information, you can rationalize significant capital expenditures, proactively secure the best sites before the competition and implement an optimal long-term location strategy for the brand. Grounded in fact and proven analytical methods, the resulting strategies allow you to move into a market with an unprecedented level of confidence – securing the most profitable sites for your restaurant concept while limiting your competitor’s options.

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