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Solutions for businesses of all sizes

Whether you are a new restaurant chain looking to open those critical next few locations, or an established national brand searching for the most profitable opportunities for in-fill, redeployment or global expansion, we can help – providing the consultation, support and solutions you need to succeed. From high-end custom modeling to fundamental data and reporting tools, Pitney Bowes Business Insight can provide the location intelligence you need to mitigate investment risks and plan growth with confidence.

Pitney Bowes Business Insight solutions identify underserved areas and high- potential sites to optimize your network. Existing units are shown as red squares, green shading indicates in-fill demand surface the darker the green, the higher the market demand. Yellow stars denote the optimal locations for in-fill with labels indicating location sales forecast.

Powerful decision tools for market optimization

  • Precision modeling for your most important decisions

  • Scalable solutions for start-ups, regional

or national chains

  • Five decades of market planning and site selection expertise

  • The experience of ‘feet-on-the-street’ local market knowledge

  • Proven restaurant location strategies from the industry leader

With the ground work completed to take our unique offering nationwide, we needed location intelligence to help guide our growth in a systematic manner—creating a strategic blueprint for expansion by prioritizing DMA’s and both the number and location of stores for our roll-out.

Cameron W. Cummins, Vice President, Franchise Marketing and Recruiting, marco’s Pizza

Market planning solutions


Predictive analytics & custom modeling

Predictive analytics provide specific answers to core strategic questions when accuracy and precision matter most. Tailored to the brand’s unique competitive profile, our predictive analytics and custom models leverage our market knowledge, advanced analytic technologies, in-depth customer surveys and industry leading data to identify the most statistically significant variables affecting sales performance at any given location. These models provide better forecasts, better answers and smarter site decisions to help management quickly filter out the sites that do not meet their requirements. The bottom line is that real estate experts can identify and develop more of the highest caliber sites each year – boosting productivity and enhancing the chain’s competitive advantage. Models can be delivered as a “turn-key” software solution that you can use in-house, or our Predictive Analytics group can develop your model and apply it on your behalf, providing you with results.

Total optimization system

Pitney Bowes Business Insight offers the most thorough optimization model in the industry today. Others claim to do ‘optimization,’ but only we combine industry-leading research, data and expertise for the precision you need to make mission-critical real estate decisions. Our customized model provides a complete understanding of your customers and the factors influencing the chain’s success at any given

location. An in-depth analysis of your sales performance quantifies the impact of variables such as customer lifestyle and demographic characteristics, competitors, site characteristics, distance decay, market density and geography. Building on the foundation of this research and our proven methodology yields superior results – a powerful tool for performing “what if” analyses and evaluating site and market potential. You get the answers you need to plan optimal deployments for your network, with detailed and reliable sales forecasts.

Understanding: Smart Site Solutions®

A powerful, yet affordable modeling solution that provides a prioritized market “blueprint” quantifying the maximum store build-out (number, placement and priority) for any given region. Smart Site Solutions represents over 45 years of market research expertise. The application is scalable and can utilize pre-defined customer segmentation profiles for various industry segments to create a customized modeling solution or incorporate client-specific custom research. The model analyzes factors such as trade area size and market density, as well as minimum distance required between units. The end-result is a sound strategic plan to direct the real estate activity.

Decision Support For Businesses Of All Sizes


Retail Modeling & Analysis


Mapping & Reporting


Research & Data


Predictive Analytic Services & Custom Modeling Solutions

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