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Diploma options


The Syllabus of Diplomas 2000 is now available and we would like to remind teachers and students of the options open to those already studying at post Grade 8 level.

Cover illustration for the Syllabus of Diplomas 2000

There is an overlap period during which the Advanced Certificate and 1992 LRSM can still be taken (the Advanced Certificate until the end of 2001 and the LRSM until the end of 2002). In addition, a number of transfer and update possibilities have been provided.

syllabus or to transfer to the new LRSM in the subject-line concerned. Again, the details are to be found in the new syllabus.

Holders of the Advanced Certificate may upgrade to a DipABRSM pass, and the two pathways for this are laid out in the new syllabus.

Candidates who are preparing for the Advanced Certificate or the 1992 LRSM in performing might like to consider transferring to the DipABRSM or the new LRSM. If they choose to do so before the end of 2001, they may use the repertoire lists which they have been working on from the Advanced Certificate and 1992 LRSM syllabuses respectively.

Candidates who are part-way through a 1992 LRSM diploma may opt to complete it under that

Holders of the CT ABRSM have a significant head-start in the context of the DipABRSM and the new LRSM in Teaching. The CT ABRSM is a recognized substitute for the Case Studies and Video of Teaching Practice of the LRSM, and candidates whose written work was considered ‘good’ or better on the course will be able to substitute this for the written submission of the DipABRSM and LRSM.

Last session for ARCM

Music for all

The Council of the Royal College of Music has decided to make the July 2000 session of exams for the award of the ARCM, its last. Candidates wishing to be examined (or re-examined) for this award must submit their applications by 5 May 2000.

The ARCM diploma has occupied an important place in the RCM’s history, but the college sees its future role primarily as a provider of dedicated programmes of study for students registered at the college.

The Board’s comprehensive Syllabus of Diplomas now provides a range of options for those interested in post Grade 8 awards.

Annual Review

The Annual Review for 1999 is now available.

To order a copy tel 020 7467 8279 (recorded message) email marketing@abrsm.ac.uk

or find it on the website at www.abrsm.ac.uk

Have you ever wondered what happens to all those copies of last year’s exam pieces and syllabus support materials or even previous editions of music now republished in a new format? Rather than this music going to waste, each year ABRSM (Publishing) Ltd donates boxes of music, cassettes and support materials to schools, colleges and education organisations who would otherwise not have access to such resources. Recipients are carefully chosen as a result of their need and their ability to ensure that the music gets to those who will benefit most. Most of the ‘music boxes’ go to countries where funding for music education is low, oe even non-existent, and where teachers and students often struggle to obtain new music and materials to work on. Recent boxes have found good homes in Albania, Croatia, Guyana, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Slovakia, South Africa and Uganda.

new diploma syllabus: register now

new diploma syllabus: register now

new diploma syllabus: register now

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