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Prudential Financial, Inc.

Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements

1. Business

Prudential Financial, Inc. (“Prudential Financial”) and its subsidiaries (collectively, “Prudential” or the “Company”) provide a wide range of insurance, investment management, securities and other financial products and services to both retail and institutional customers throughout the United States and in many other countries. Principal products and services provided include life insurance, property and casualty insurance, annuities, mutual funds, pension and retirement related investments and administration, asset management, and securities brokerage. The Company has organized its principal operations into the Financial Services Businesses and the Closed Block Business. The Financial Services Businesses operate through four operating divisions: U.S. Consumer, Employee Benefits, International and Asset Management. Businesses that are not sufficiently material to warrant separate disclosure are included in Corporate and Other operations within the Financial Services Businesses. The Closed Block Business, which is managed separately from the Financial Services Businesses, was established on the date of demutualization and includes the Company’s in force participating insurance and annuity products and assets that are used for the payment of benefits and policyholder dividends on these products, as well as other assets and equity that support these products and related liabilities. In connection with the demutualization, the Company has ceased offering these participating products.

Demutualization and Initial Public Offering On December 18, 2001 (the “date of demutualization”), The Prudential Insurance Company of America (“Prudential Insurance”) converted from a mutual life insurance company to a stock life insurance company and became an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Prudential Financial. The demutualization was completed in accordance with the Company’s Plan of Reorganization, which was approved by the Commissioner of Banking and Insurance of the State of New Jersey in October 2001.

On the date of demutualization, policyholder membership interests in Prudential Insurance were extinguished and eligible policyholders collectively received 457.1 million shares of Common Stock, the rights to receive cash totaling $3,487 million (included in “Other liabilities” at December 31, 2001), including $340 million to certain former Canadian branch policyholders, and increases to their policy values in the form of policy credits totaling $1,042 million. The demutualization was accounted for as a reorganization. Accordingly, the Company’s retained earnings on the date of demutualization, net of the aforementioned cash payments other than those to former Canadian policyholders and policy credits which were charged directly to retained earnings, were reclassified to “Common Stock” and “Additional paid-in capital.”

Concurrent with the demutualization, Prudential Insurance completed a corporate reorganization whereby various subsidiaries (and certain related assets and liabilities) of Prudential Insurance were dividended so that they became wholly owned subsidiaries of Prudential Financial rather than of Prudential Insurance. The subsidiaries distributed by Prudential Insurance to Prudential Financial included its property and casualty insurance companies, its principal securities brokerage companies, its international insurance companies, its principal asset management operations, its international securities and investments operations, its domestic banking operations and its residential real estate brokerage franchise and relocation services operations.

On the date of demutualization, Prudential Financial completed an initial public offering of 110.0 million shares of Common Stock at a price of $27.50 per share and, on December 21, 2001, Prudential Financial issued an additional 16.5 million shares of Common Stock as a result of the exercise of the over-allotment option granted to underwriters in the initial public offering. Also on the date of demutualization, Prudential Financial completed the sale, through a private placement, of 2.0 million shares of Class B Stock, a separate class of common stock, at a price of $87.50 per share. The Common Stock reflects the performance of the Financial Services Businesses and the Class B Stock reflects the performance of the Closed Block Business. In addition to the issuances of Common Stock and Class B Stock, on the date of demutualization, Prudential Financial issued 13.8 million 6.75% equity security units at a price of $50 per unit (see Note 12) and Prudential Holdings, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Prudential Financial, issued $1.75 billion in senior secured notes (see Note 11).

2. Summary of Significant Accounting Policies

Basis of Presentation The consolidated financial statements include the accounts of Prudential Financial, its majority-owned subsidiaries, and those partnerships and joint ventures in which the Company has a controlling financial interest, except in those

Prudential Financial 2001 Annual Report


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