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More than a century of managing assets Prudential Financial entered the asset management business more than a century ago, when we funded our general account with our first collected life insurance premium. Today, our asset management division invests $299 billion for institutional and retail clients, as well as our general account.

More than 600 institutions—including some of the world’s largest companies, governments, and pension funds—have chosen Prudential Financial to manage their assets, capitalizing on our experience and strong market positions. We’re one of the largest fixed income managers in the U.S. We’re among the world’s largest global real estate managers, with institutional clients across the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America. We’re a leading provider of commercial real estate financing and among the top ten servicers of commercial mortgages. And for more than 60 years, we’ve been a major provider of private financing to institutions; many mid-sized companies we financed decades ago are now household names.

The strength of Jennison Associates Today at Prudential Financial, we’re applying our renowned institutional asset management skills to create stronger retail products and services. In May of 2000, we consolidated all active equity management under our investment subsidiary Jennison Associates. Jennison is a major institutional equity manager with more than 30 years of experience in growth stock management and is now among the 20 largest equity managers in the U.S.

In addition to managing the equity portfolios of many blue-chip institutional clients, the 47 investment professionals at Jennison Associates also manage a broad range of active equity and balanced mutual funds and managed accounts using growth, value and blend investment styles.

Portfolio management Jennison investment professionals hold a teleconferencing strategy session.

A broad range of mutual fund choices Investors who choose Prudential Financial will find a diverse array of Prudential-managed mutual funds covering a wide range of asset classes and investment styles—stock, bond and money market, growth and value, domestic and international, and sector funds—each designed to help them meet their investment objectives. We’re proud that so many investors have chosen Prudential mutual funds, entrusting us with more than $57 billion in retail mutual fund assets.

Our Mutual Fund Family offers growth and protection

Large Capitalization Stock Funds Prudential 20/20 Focus Fund Prudential Equity Fund, Inc. Prudential Jennison Growth Fund Prudential Stock Index Fund Prudential Tax-Managed Equity Fund Prudential Value Fund

Small/Mid-Capitalization Stock Funds Prudential Jennison Equity Opportunity Fund Prudential Small Company Fund, Inc. Prudential Tax-Managed Small-Cap Fund, Inc. Prudential U.S. Emerging Growth Fund, Inc. Nicholas-Applegate Growth Equity Fund

Sector Stock Funds Prudential Financial Services Fund Prudential Health Sciences Fund Prudential Natural Resources Fund, Inc. Prudential Real Estate Securities Fund Prudential Technology Fund Prudential Utility Fund

Money Market Funds Prudential MoneyMart Assets, Inc. Prudential Tax-Free Money Fund, Inc. Prudential Government Securities Trust/

  • Money Market Series

  • U.S. Treasury Money Market Series

COMMAND Money Fund COMMAND Tax-Free Fund COMMAND Government Fund Prudential Institutional Liquidity Portfolio, Inc./Institutional Money Market Series Cash Accumulation Trust/

  • Liquid Assets Fund

  • National Money Market Fund

Special Money Market Fund, Inc.

Balanced Funds Prudential Active Balanced Fund

Domestic Bond Funds Prudential Government Income Fund, Inc. Prudential High Yield Fund, Inc. Prudential Short-Term Corporate Bond Fund, Inc./Income Portfolio Prudential Total Return Bond Fund, Inc. Prudential High Yield Total Return Fund, Inc.

Tax-Free Bond Funds Prudential Municipal Bond Fund/

  • High Income Series

  • Insured Series

Prudential National Municipals Fund, Inc.

State-Specific Tax-Free Funds Prudential California Municipal Fund/

  • California Income Series

  • California Series

Prudential Municipal Series Fund/

  • Florida Series

  • New Jersey Series

  • New York Series

  • Pennsylvania Series

Global/International Bond Funds Prudential Global Total Return Fund, Inc.

Global/International Stock Funds Prudential Europe Growth Fund, Inc. Prudential Global Growth Fund Prudential International Value Fund Prudential Jennison International Growth Fund Prudential Pacific Growth Fund, Inc.

Prudential Financial 2001 Annual Report


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