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Leader in group insurance When group insurance is the cornerstone of your benefits package, you need to be sure your provider is the right one. For many of today’s top companies, the choice is easy: Prudential Financial.

Employers find what they need—and more—in Prudential Financial’s breadth of protection products, including life insurance, disability income and long term care insurance. Prudential Financial also helps fund executive benefit plans with corporate- and trust- owned life insurance products.

Benefits managers take comfort in knowing that Prudential Financial has years of experience in designing, setting up and admin- istering group insurance plans, from the simple to the complex. And we’re using the power of the Web to make their programs easier to administer. We’re establishing online capabilities that range from program enrollment to reporting tools to claim submission.

More options. Easier administration. Leading-edge technology. It’s no wonder Prudential Financial had one of the best client retention records in the industry in 2001, with strong persistency for our group life insurance business.

A vision for the future of employee benefits It’s called “the war for talent.” Thousands of American companies competing to recruit and retain the best and brightest employees. For many companies, the competitive edge comes in the form of employee benefits.

But with a workforce that’s more diverse, more technologically savvy, and more focused on personal growth than ever before, the tried and true models of employee benefits are no longer enough. At Prudential Financial, we’re pioneering an array of cost-effective programs and services that deliver more growth and protection options and provide more of what today’s employees are looking for.

Like access. Prudential’s leading-edge technology gives employees access to our services over the phone, face to face, on the Web or through the PalmTM VII handheld computer.

Employees today also demand more choice, particularly when it comes to investing for retirement. Prudential’s retirement plans deliver, with investment choices from highly regarded asset managers covering a broad spectrum of styles and objectives.

And where traditional benefits stop, Prudential Financial is just getting started. Our comprehensive voluntary benefits program , provides access to a range of growth Prudential WorkingSolutions,SM

and protection solutions, from auto coverage to real estate services to home equity loans, all in one place: the workplace.

Making connections online At Prudential Financial, we do business with more than 12 million employee benefit plan participants. By using Web-based technology, we’re bringing our products and services right to their computer desktops. Account information, planning tools, customer service and a wide range of proprietary and non-proprietary products are just a click away.

Our goal is to make it easier for clients to manage their financial lives, and also to broaden our relationships with customers by exposing them to a wider array of products and services.

Prudential is #2 in group life market share

  • $2 Billion

  • $1 Billion




Group life insurance gross premiums.

In demand with market- leading companies Prudential Financial executives for group life insurance and relocation services meet with Randy MacDonald, IBM’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources.

Signs of opportunity The Prudential Real Estate Network, which includes more than 1,500 franchise offices and 43,000 sales associates, is one of the largest real estate networks in North America.

Prudential Financial 2001 Annual Report


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