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Bringing American-style choice to investors overseas The mutual fund is widely credited as an American export. But while it may have been perfected in the U.S., the idea of pooling money for the purpose of investing was actually born in Europe. And today, mutual funds and similar investments are extremely popular in countries around the world.

Gathering assets around the world

Consolidation through mega-mergers and acquisitions has made scale a critical factor in the investment industry. More and more, investors demand the security and resources that only a global financial services firm can provide.

Prudential Financial is already a global powerhouse, relied upon by institutions and individual investors around the world for our securities brokerage, financial advisory and asset management services.

Worldwide, Prudential helps thousands of investors grow their wealth through mutual fund-style products. As in the U.S., we offer clients an array of proprietary and non-proprietary choices.

With recent investments in several asset management businesses, we further increased our global presence and gathered new assets in Asia and North America. We expect overseas expansion to be an important part of our overall growth story.

In Europe, Asia and Latin America, investors seeking to capitalize on Prudential’s global asset management expertise can access a wide range of Prudential- managed funds.

Complementing our actively managed funds is one of today’s largest index fund families overseas, which enables clients to diversify among many markets, asset classes and currencies throughout the world.

And Prudential also brings clients a wide range of products from third-party asset managers, each carefully selected through rigorous research and evaluation.

To help our clients choose a portfolio of funds that meets their needs, Prudential offers a variety of advisory services, from asset alloca- tion programs to private banking.

Tapping our markets in Korea

Prudential solidified its already-strong presence in Korea with our investment in the CJ Investment Trust & Securities Company (CJITS), the parent company and majority owner of Korea’s 6th-largest investment trust manager. CJITS helps Prudential capitalize on the promising growth potential of Korea’s investment trust market.

A computer-generated rendering of the Prudential Financial Tower under construction in Japan.

Growing mutual fund market share in Taiwan

Acquired in 2000, MasterLink Securities Investment Trust Enterprise—now Prumerica Financial—establishes a firm foothold in Taiwan’s very attractive, fast-growing investment trust market. Prumerica Financial offers a family of 13 equity funds and three bond funds.


Growing and Protecting Your Wealth

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