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Prudential Financial, Inc.

liability management techniques, including staggering of maturities, actively utilizing alternative sources of financing, investor base diversification, and maintaining lines of credit in excess of the amount we believe will actually be required in a stress scenario.

Financing Activities Our financing principally consists of unsecured short- and long-term debt borrowings and asset-based or secured forms of financing. These secured financing arrangements include transactions such as securities lending and repurchase agreements, which we generally use to finance portfolios of liquid securities.

Prudential Funding historically has served as a financing company for Prudential Insurance and its subsidiaries and has facilitated the centralized management of most unsecured borrowing arrangements with unrelated parties on a company-wide basis. Prudential Funding borrows funds primarily through the direct issuance of commercial paper, private placement medium-term notes, Eurobonds, Eurocommercial paper, and Euro medium-term notes and lends the proceeds of its borrowings to Prudential Insurance and its subsidiaries, generally at cost. Borrowings of the destacked subsidiaries from Prudential Funding have been repriced to market terms as of the date of demutualization. Prudential Securities also engages in external unsecured financing. We anticipate that Prudential Funding’s outstanding borrowings will decline over time as it transitions into a financing company primarily for Prudential Insurance and its remaining subsidiaries. We anticipate that our other companies will borrow on market terms from third parties.

Under a support agreement, Prudential Insurance has agreed to maintain Prudential Funding’s positive tangible net worth at all times. We manage Prudential Funding’s borrowings so that cash inflows from the operating companies to Prudential Funding are sufficient to meet Prudential Funding’s debt service requirements. Prudential Funding also generally maintains cash and short-term investments that can be used in the event of cash flow timing differences.

Prudential Insurance and Prudential Funding have unsecured committed lines of credit totaling $4.1 billion, of which $1.5 billion expires in October 2002, $0.1 billion expires during 2003, $1.0 billion expires in May 2004, and the remaining $1.5 billion expires in October 2006. Borrowings under the facility expiring in October 2002 must mature no later than October 2003, and borrowings under the other facilities must mature no later than the respective expiration dates of the facilities. The facility expiring in May 2004 includes 33 financial institutions, many of which are also among the 27 financial institutions participating in the other facilities. Up to $2.5 billion of the amount available under these facilities can be utilized by Prudential Financial. The $2.5 billion consists of $500 million, $1.0 billion and $1.0 billion made available under the facilities expiring in October 2002, May 2004 and October 2006, respectively. We use these facilities primarily as back-up liquidity lines for our commercial paper programs. Our ability to borrow under these facilities is conditioned on our continued satisfaction of customary conditions, including maintenance at all times by Prudential Insurance of total adjusted capital of at least $5.5 billion based on statutory accounting principles prescribed under New Jersey law. Prudential Insurance’s total adjusted capital as of December 31, 2001 was $10.0 billion. The ability of Prudential Financial to borrow under these facilities is conditioned on its maintenance of consolidated net worth of at least $12.5 billion, based on GAAP. Prudential Financial’s consolidated net worth totaled $20.5 billion as of December 31, 2001. In addition, we have an uncommitted credit facility utilizing a third-party-sponsored, asset-backed commercial paper conduit, under which we can borrow up to $1.0 billion. Our actual ability to borrow under this facility depends on market conditions. This facility expires in June 2002. We also use uncommitted lines of credit from banks and other financial institutions.


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