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    Will promptly notify the PM of all unusual or emergency situations according to post orders and

company policy.

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    Will ensure that officers assigned to their shift make timely and thorough logbook entries. The Area

Supervisor audits all logbook entries for completeness, accuracy and legibility.

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    Is responsible for ensuring any major incident is placed on a separate incident report and reviewing it

before distribution.

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    The Area Supervisor immediately, for the purpose of obtaining authorization to implement changes,

reports all changes in post orders made by governement officials that impact upon the contract to the PM.

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    Notifies the PM of any outdated material contained in the post orders. The Area Supervisor will also

advise the PM of any relevant information that he/she feels should be included in the post orders. The Area Supervisor will be responsible for dissemination of changes to the officers assigned to the shift.

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    Makes recommendations to the PM for promotions or commendations.

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      Provides information obtained on a daily basis to the PM for additions and/or deletions to the

operations manual. Ensures that any and all information obtained is submitted in printed format to the PM in order to establish a continuous record of changes affecting the operations manual.

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    Takes charge and directs their respective shift security force personnel in any unusual or emergency

situations requiring immediate and necessary action. If the particular situation requires response by the PM, the PM will take over total direction of the shift security force personnel via direct communications with the Area Supervisor.

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    Informs the PM of all significant factors concerning security force personnel at the site.

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      Maintains discipline with respect to familiarization of security force officers with

contractor/government and visiting personnel that may be encountered during the shift and with respect to attitude and personal problems of any officer that interferes with the proper and professional discharge of his or her duties.

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    Prepares written reports for submission to the PM for all injuries involving security force personnel

assigned to the site. All reports concerning incidents compromising security such as thefts and break- ins, as well as all significant incidents involving security force personnel will be submitted to the PM.

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    Investigates all reports (verbal and written) of apparent work deficiencies during his or her respective

shifts. This includes, but is not limited to, the failure to perform certain duties or activities. A written report of the findings will be submitted to the PM.

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    Prior to requesting termination or transferring an employee, will consult with the PM and submit a

detailed written report with copies of all supporting documentation. Employee initiated requests for transfer at the shift level must be approved by the Area Supervisor first, and then submitted to the PM for final approval or disapproval.

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