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US Missile Shield Would Include Caucasus-Based Radar by Staff Writers Brussels (AFP) Mar 01, 2007

The volatile Caucasus Region

US plans to extend a missile defence system into Europe, which have been met with hostility by Russia, include a radar system based in the Caucasus, the head of the US missile agency said Thursday. The "forward deployable radar" would provide an "early acquisition track" on any hostile missile for a bigger radar system based in the Czech Republic, US Air Force Lieutenant General Henry Obering said.

"It's a transportable radar, it's something that you can set up in a matter of days, very, very fast. We have time to work out where that location could be," he told reporters at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

When asked which country in the volatile Caucasus region might be willing to host the site, he said: "I am not at liberty to talk about that in any length ... suffice to say that we would like to place a radar in that region."

Obering, who met with Russian officials here during two days of talks, played down any potential risk this mobile radar could pose to Russia.

"That radar would be oriented into Iran. We can't turn it around to look into Russia, and even if we can, it can't see far enough to be able to establish a track on a Russian missile," he said.


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