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and there are no dedicated resources to teaching Danish as a second language in those classes, that have many bilinguals. …If one want to maintain the good framework of the special classes for pupils with learning disabilities and to secure that the Romi children also get a decent education, …a different solution for the bilingual pupils should be found than referring them to Special classes.”16


Like Commissioner Gil-Robles, DACoRD has over the years handles a number of complains on the basis of race/ethnic background, and the same is true for the old Complaints Committee for Ethnic Equal Treatment. After the unsuccessful efforts by Roma organizations to gain recognition by the Government under the European Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, the ability of Roma in Denmark for a concerted effort to gain some recognition and status appears to have been set back – and the Government has lost an opportunity to have a dialogue part. In this sense the Government has been successful in preventing Roma as a non-identifiable group in Denmark.


DACoRD would like to add 1) that besides the three groups of Roma identified by the Government a new migration of Roma is taking place in recent years apparently mainly of Eastern European origin and from new EU Member States. Data are scant and information primarily derives from non official sources, and relevant protective measures are therefore not available either.17  2) Stereotypes and prejudicial discrimination is reported both at the street and at official level, and ethnic profiling is documented by police issuing warnings to the public. In this context registration appears to take place on racial/ethnic background. “Sigøjner” [Gypsies] rather than Roma appears to be the preferred police terminology. Economic need and social exclusion appears to be prime motivators for the migration, but improvement in life conditions are not reported in Denmark. Aid is limited to private organisations. These organisations vary in their view and observations as to whether the migration patterns are organised.


Ethnic targeting and stigmatization by the police of Roma on the basis of  race, colour, national or ethnic origin. In a mail of June 16, 2008 the national police (Rigspolitiet) informed DACoRD that it did not have statistical data on new immigration by Roma, noting  that no registration takes place on the basis of ethnicity in the section on aliens in the National Police.


However, the Police does have information – also of a statistical nature – on Roma in the area of crime. According to a thematic article in the daily newspaper MetroXpress, København,on June 11, 2008, p. 12f, “Police intensifies the hunt on Romas: Migrant Romas – also called gypsies [sigøjnere] swindles, begs and steals, says an analysis from the police”, states the headline.


The article reports that the Police in the District of East Jutland has examined the phenomenon in depth, and that it shows that incoming Romas use a broad palette of scam and tricks: In the period 2005-2007 163 reports have been made against 315 Romas in the police district, and 87 has been charged. In a special window the article listed the scope of Roma crimes under 6

16 Fokus på lærersamarbejdet i forbindelse med efteruddannelse af lærere, som underviser tosprogede elever i Hlesingør Kommune, Pædegogisk UdviklingsCenter, Delevaluering 1, maj 2008, p. 31, the quote at p. 32. The evaluation report on in-service training/supplementary training can be found at the home page of the Pedagogical Development Centre in the Municipality of Elsinore http://www.puc.helsingor.dk/upload/puc/dokumenter/ini/microsoft%20word%20-%20delevaluering%201_200608.pdf

17 Cf. Tomas Hammerberg, “Every European state should join together and state loud and clear that they have had enough of prejudice towards Roma.”, p. 14 in:  Human Rights in Europe: no ground for complacency, Viewpoints by the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights,Council of Europe, 2008,

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