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for violation of section 266 b.

Police conduct  


Riots broke out in February 2007. Because of these violent incidents in Copenhagen including several young men of a non-Danish ethnic origin, a Copenhagen police officer had to work during the weekend. Consequently the officer wrote on the internet amongst others:”Go home you fucking perkere (slang like Paki.) Get out of our town and our country. I hate you.” Several other remarks were also offensive and the City Court sentenced the Police Officer to a fine of 4000 DKK (Euro 600). This decision was appealed, but the Eastern High Court finally sentenced the Police Officer for hate speech on the internet.


Two other police officers were using violence against a man of African decent while they were off duty. Consequently they were both sentenced for violence and sacked from the Metropolitan Police Service in Copenhagen. A fourth police officer was sentenced in the City Court but the case is now under appeal in High Court. Such cases contribute to the feeling amongst migrant youth that the police force is biased against them


According to para 56-58 the Danish government has no cases to report concerning the Act on the prohibition against racial discrimination. Again DACoRD is surprised about the lack of data, since we provided a report to the Municipality of Copenhagen concerning discrimination cases in 2006-2007.26 During 2006 the City Court of Copenhagen sentenced 4 doormen (from four different night clubs) for discrimination against young men of a non Danish ethnic origin. Since DACoRD has identified four cases from the city of Copenhagen in just one year the total number of Court decisions must be much higher, and DACoRD is thus surprised that the Danish authorities have not been able to include these figures in the report.   

Racist violence (Art 5 b)


A few cases have been handled as racist violence according to the criminal code section 244 or 245 with section 81, subsection 6 (racist motive).


By way of example two Israeli salesmen were attacked in the town of Odense by gunshots on December 31, 2008, and the 28 year old attacker was sentenced 10 years imprisonment. According to the verdict the sentence was raised from 9 years to 10 years because 9 out of 12 members of the Jury voted for using the criminal code section 81 subsection 6 (racist motive as an aggravating factor). The shooting was taking place in the period of time when Israeli troops were fighting inside Gaza (end of 2008, beginning of 2009), and consequently Denmark experienced a number of anti-Semitic attacks. It is thus welcomed that the prosecution has asked the court to consider racism as an aggravating factor and that the majority of votes in court was in favour of this. Consequently the Danish society is sending a strong signal to other perpetrators that racist crimes are not accepted


Unfortunately this is, however, far from being the norm in Denmark

26  See report on http://www.drcenter.dk/html/publikationer/Diskriminationsrapport07-21.pdf

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