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By way of example in March 2008 Dennis Uzun delivered newspapers in Copenhagen. He was standing on a corner with a friend when a group of three youngsters of Danish origin attacked him. The one in front attacked Dennis Uzun with a baseball bat saying “What are you looking at perker pig” (Perker = paki). The stroke in the head caused the death of Dennis shortly after.


On trial the friend of Dennis Uzun (who was standing right behind him) testified that Kenni used that exact wording, by repeating what he had told the police shortly after the murder. Never the less the Chief Inspector of the homicide section in Copenhagen Police, Ove Dahl, stated in public on 28 March 2008: “I totally reject that this manslaughter has anything to do with racism or religion. It is only violence for the sake of violence”. This statement was a great surprise to the mother of Dennis – Gülsen Uzun, since she had already learned about the statement: “What are you looking at perker pig”. Further more it was now public knowledge that the same attacker  was also bing charged for the attack of Sayed Shams Hussain about two weeks before the attack on Dennis Uzun.


According to Danish law racist motivated crimes are considered an aggravating factor according to the criminal code section 81, para. 6.


During the trial in January 2009 and on appeal in June 2009 the prosecution failed to invoke section 81, para. 6 and consequently the courts were barred from considering the possibility of including the racist element into the case. This is even more surprisingly since it was made public knowledge on 17 March 2009 that the attacker had stated to a guard in the prison that: “We just had to kill a perker”. The sentence was 3 years imprisonment – far from the 8 years imprisonment maximum for young offenders under 18.


DACoRD is concerned that the police and prosecution is not doing enough to protect victims of racial discrimination, and if racist attacks takes place – not to prosecute according to section 81, subsection 6. See by way of example CERD Communication 46/2009

Political rights – local elections Art. 5(c).


It has been a standard area of satisfaction in the dialoque between the Danish Government and the Committee, that resident aliens in Denmark had the right to participate in local and regional elections after 3 years in Denmark. This right to political participation is, however, under revision.


On March 15, 2010 the Government and the Danish Popular Party entered into an agreement after a so-called service-check of the policy on aliens and integration. As a new initiative under the agreement, it was agreed to limit the universal and equal suffrage and the right to vote and stand for election in local and regional elections. According to the text of the agreement: “The individual foreigner must make an effort to become integrated and to show citizenship. Resident aliens – not including Nordic citizens and EU Citizens - can therefore first obtain municipal and regional voting rights after 4 years residence. The Danish Popular Party has indicated as its preference that immigrants must have obtained citizenship to gain the right to vote in municipal elections, which to the Party is a logical consequence of being well integrated.”

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