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Douglas Ayling

z While out walking one morning, Hitler, Goering, and Goebbels get lost. Finally they meet a farmer driving down the road in a cart. The farmer gives them a lift. As they get in and drive off, Hitler can not resist a little bragging. “My man,” he says, “imagine the great honor that has come to you. In your humble cart sits Adolf Hitler.” “You are Adolf Hitler?” asks the farmer doubtfully. “Der Führer!” cries Hitler impatiently. “Don’t you know me?” The farmer glances at the man with the little moustache, shakes his head, and coldly replies, “I never saw you before.” Then Goering speaks up. “Then, farmer, look at me closely and tell me who am I?” The farmer glances around again, shakes his head, and says in an unfriendly tone, “No, I don’t know you either.” “I am Marshal Goering.” Now the farmer feels sure he is being made a fool of. He says angrily, “Goering? You? Next thing you’ll be telling me is that the Jew back there with you is Goebbels.”35

z A propaganda poster displayed in a Berlin street bore the legend: “Under National Socialism People Live Longer.” One night someone wrote underneath this: “Perhaps it only seems longer.”36

z Fietje and Tetje are standing on the street, holding out their collection cups. Fietje keeps coming back with a full cup, in order to get a new, empty cup. Tetje gets almost no coins. “What’s your secret, that you’re collecting so much?” Tetje asks. “That’s simple,” Fietje grins, “I always whisper: ‘This is a collection for the new government.’”37

Third Reich (J)

z An elderly Jew was released from a concentration camp. “What happened to you?” asked a friend. “Your teeth are missing, your arm is twisted, you walk with a limp, your face looks as if it went through a meat grinder, and you weigh less than 70 pounds.” “Nothing happened,” the Jew responded. “I am just another atrocity lie.”38

ibid., p.54. Goebbels was rumoured to have Jewish ancestry because of his appearance. ib., p.83 ib., p.66. Tales from the port city of Hamburg often feature the characters Fietje and Tetje. ib., pp.171-2

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