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will shut down when locking).


Press the button.

button on the remote 3 times and then press the

4. 5.


The 2 way remote will beep once and flash the

LED once.

The parking lights on the vehicle will flash 5 times fast confirming entry into smart start mode The vehicle will now remote start when the cabin temperature reaches the programmed thresholds or when the vehicle battery

reaches the programmed voltage.

4HE 3MART 3TART -ODE CAN BE EXITED BY FOLLOWING THE ACTIVATION PROCE- dure with the remote or can be deactivated manually by turning on the ignition or pressing the brake pedal in the vehicle. The parking lights WILL mASH  TIMES SLOW CONlRMING THAT 3MART 3TART -ODE IS EXITED

Details: Smart start uses temperature and voltage settings to determine when the vehicle should start and run. If any changes to temperature or voltage are made using the Bitwriter programming tool Smart start activation is affected.

The Smart Start function works similar to the Timer mode. The system must be in the locked mode, and using the system default settings, it HAS A MAXIMUM OF  STARTING CYCLES AND CHECKS THE VOLTAGECABIN temperature every 3 hours to see if the thresholds have been met. If thresholds have been met then the remote start will start the vehicle and run for the pre programmed time. It counts the first start as one suc- cessful start, leaving 5 start cycles. If the threshold has not been met then the system will not start the ve- hicle, and 6 start cycles are left. The unit continues to check threshold levels every 3 hours.

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