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Limited lifetime consumer warranty

$IRECTED %LECTRONICS h$IRECTEDv PROMISES TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER TO REPAIR OR REPLACE AT Directed’s election) with a comparable reconditioned model any Directed unit (hereafter THE hUNITv EXCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION THE SIREN THE REMOTE TRANSMITTERS THE ASSOCIATED sensors and accessories, which proves to be defective in workmanship or material under reasonable use during the lifetime of the vehicle provided the following conditions are met: the unit was purchased from an authorized Directed dealer, the unit was professionally installed and serviced by an authorized Directed dealer; the unit will be professionally reinstalled in the vehicle in which it was originally installed by an authorized Directed dealer; and the unit is returned to Directed, shipping prepaid with a legible copy of the bill of sale or other dated proof of purchase bearing the following information: consumer’s name, telephone number and address; the authorized dealers name, telephone number and address; complete product description, including accessories; the year, make and model of the vehicle; vehicle license number and vehicle identification number. All com- ponents other than the unit, including without limitation the siren, the remote transmitters and the associated sensors and accessories, carry a one-year warranty from the date of PURCHASE OF THE SAME !,, 02/$5#43 2%#%)6%$ "9 $)2%#4%$ &/2 7!22!.49 2%0!)2 WITHOUT PROOF OF PURCHASE WILL BE DENIED. This warranty is non-transferable and is automatically void if: the original purchaser has not completed the warranty card and mailed it within ten (10) days from the date of purchase to the address listed on the card; the unit’s date code or serial number is defaced, missing or altered; the unit has been

modified or used in a manner contrary to its intended purpose; the unit by accident, unreasonable use, neglect, improper service, installation arising out of defects in materials or construction. The warranty does

has been damaged or other causes not not cover damage


caused by installation or removal of WHAT CONSTITUTES EXCESSIVE DAMAGE DAMAGE

the unit. Directed, in AND MAY REFUSE THE

its sole discretion, will RETURN OF ANY UNIT WITH

4/ 4(% -!8)-5- %84%.4 !,,/7%$ "9 ,!7 !,, 7!22!.4)%3 ).#,5$).' BUT NOT LIMITED TO EXPRESS WARRANTY, IMPLIED WARRANTY, WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND WARRANTY OF NON- ).&2).'%-%.4 /& ).4%,,%#45!, 02/0%249 !2% %802%33,9 %8#,5$%$ !.$ DIRECTED NEITHER ASSUMES NOR AUTHORIZES ANY PERSON OR ENTITY TO ASSUME &/2 )4 !.9 $549 /",)'!4)/. /2 ,)!"),)49 ). #/..%#4)/. 7)4( )43 02/$5#43 DIRECTED DISCLAIMS AND HAS ABSOLUTELY NO LIABILITY FOR ANY AND ALL ACTS /& 4()2$ 0!24)%3 ).#,5$).' )43 !54(/2):%$ $%!,%23 /2 ).34!,,%23 $)2%#4%$ 3%#52)49 3934%-3 ).#,5$).' 4()3 5.)4 !2% $%4%22%.43 !'!).34 0/33)",% 4(%&4 $)2%#4%$ )3 ./4 /&&%2).' ! '5!2!.4%% /2 ).352!.#% !'!).34 6!.$!,)3- $!-!'% /2 4(%&4 /& 4(% !54/-/"),% )43 0!243 /2 #/.4%.43 !.$ (%2%"9 %802%33,9 $)3#,!)-3 !.9 ,)!"),)49 7(!43/%6%2 ).#,5$).'

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