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Heart Disease is also a Women’s Issue IS Provides After Hours Clinical Application Support Special to Albany Med Today by Rebecca Kelle , PhD, Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Sciences

Take a moment. Close your eyes and put your hand on your heart; think about its beat, the power of your life in your hands, how important your heart is. Now make a promise to do something for yourself and for your heart today. Exercise, learn your numbers, and eat smart. Take a moment. Love your heart and “go red for women.”

One in 2.6 female deaths are from cardiovascular disease. We need to raise awareness for our sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, cousins, nieces and all our female friends. Diseases of the heart and stroke are the No. 1 and No. 3 killers of women over the age of 25.

February 2 is National Go Red for Women Day sponsored by the American Heart Association, and we join our nation in raising awareness. This is a day to wear red—a shirt, jacket, tie, shoes, dress, pants, skirt—or anything with red in it to show support and honor the women in our lives that have dealt with heart disease and/or stroke.

The Go Red for Women Campaign is the kickoff for the Heart Walk that is held every fall in October. We raise money for research and educational programs to provide information about heart disease. Albany Medical College is among the leaders in cardiovascular research in the Capital District. Current research endeavors at Albany Med include understanding the basis for atherosclerosis and restenosis, understanding the mechanisms of hypertension, understanding the molecular aspects of heart failure, fatty acid metabolism and clinical applications of cardio- vascular disease and stroke such as disparities among different ethnic groups. Our faculty and students are funded by the American Heart Association in an effort to enhance the current understanding of cardiovascular disease and translate this under- standing into clinical applications.

We need to raise awareness for our sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, cousins, nieces and all our female friends.

The Albany Med Heart Walk team will have a table in Choices Café from 11am-1pm Friday, Feb. 2 for employees to pick up infor- mation about heart disease or purchase “Love Your Heart” items to help raise awareness of heart disease and empower women to reduce their risk. A bake sale will also be held at a time and place to be determined to raise money for the Go Red for Women cam- paign. If you have any questions about Go Red for Women, please go to http://goredforwomen.org or e-mail Dr. Rebecca Keller.

The IS “After Hours Clinical Application Support Team” includes, from left to right, Christopher Trant, Noeleen Whelan, Karen Augustine, and Timothy St. Peter.

Recognizing that hospital business doesn’t end at 5pm each day, information services has extended its “Help Desk” support services for all clinical application needs.

As clinicians increasingly use computer-based applications in their daily workflow, the need for immediate assistance and response regarding application usage has also increased. As a result, as of Jan. 2, information services is providing on-site staff support “after hours” from 5pm to 7:30am, seven days a week for clinical applications, including Soarian, Bridge Meds Admin., iSite PACS, and Novius Radiology.

For clinical application-related problems, please call the Help Desk at ext. 2-5000. You will have the option of either leaving a message for the next business day (current procedure) or be routed to an applications specialist who will be available to address immediate needs. Where and when appropriate, an applications specialist will be dispatched to work alongside the clinician, if on-site, to resolve the issue at hand.

For all other IS-related issues that occur after regular business hours, calls will continue to be triaged and sent to the IS on-call resource to address the issue.

Albany Med Staff Help to Make Season Bright

Medical Center staff members and students were busy in December making the holidays special for hundreds of children and families in the Capital Region. Employees “adopted” more 350 children and donated unwrapped new toys to more than 50 others through Albany Med’s annual Toy Drive for the Needy, organized by the department of family and community medicine. In addition, employees and parents with Kidskeller Child Care at Albany Med generously donated gifts to make the holidays special for a family in need and employees contributed winter clothing for the homeless through a drive sponsored by Health Employees Federal Credit Union.

Children Participate in ‘Brave Belts’

The Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders started a new program for the New Year—-“Brave Belts” is a karate program intended to help patients and their siblings deal with illness “with strength.” By focusing on martial arts training, the program is intended to strengthen children physically while also teaching them to tap into emotional and spiritual inner strength. The class, taught by Russell Jarem, owner of U.S. Budokai Karate of Clifton Park, takes place every Monday at 10:30am in the Ronald McDonald Atrium on D7N. Taking part in a recent class were, left to right, Cassidy Krenzer (patient), Connor Krenzer (patient), Monica Rathbone (sibling), Howie Rathbone (sibling), and Keenan Krenzer (sibling). The Center treats patients with cancer, sickle cell disease, von Willebrand’s disease, and other blood disorders. The program is made possible through a grant sponsored by the Robert Carey Foundation.

“This is a true testament to the outstanding employees we have here at the Medical Center,” said Theresa Weinman, who organizes the toy drive and works as administrative coordinator for the depart- ment of family and community medicine. “Year after year, we see the best of the best within our hospital and college, and I am always astounded by the generosity of our faculty, staff and students.”

Employees and students purchased winter clothes and other essential items for families, as well as toys for children who would otherwise go without, including bicycles, dolls, action figures, sports equipment, and electronics. Food baskets and grocery gift cards were also donated in an effort to provide holiday meals for several families.

The Center City Parish and Social Ministry on Central Avenue in Albany; Koinonia Primary Care in West Hill; the Capital District African American Coalition on Aids in Albany; the Next Step Inc. of Albany substance abuse treatment program for women; the Albany Med Employee Assistance Program, and the Albany Med Aids Treatment Center were among the agencies to receive donated items.

A Place to De-Stress

At the grand opening, Rob Saba of Development holds a dedication plaque from the William Squire Fund. Shown left to right, Rob Saba, Sharon Wheele , Mike Lopez, Diane Stredne , Lin Lowden, and Mary Ellen Plass.

Recognizing that health care work can often be very stress- ful, Albany Med’s Healing Arts Program has opened an Employee Tranquility Room. Located on D-477, the room is designed to offer employees and volunteers a place to de-stress and re-energize. Accessible via ID badge swipe access, the room is equipped with a rocking chair, a massage chair, music, a water fountain, low lighting, and a mural of a waterfall in a lush, green forest.

Lin Lowden, RN, patient care director, says the room is a place where employees can go to relax. “Our staff give so

much of themselves—their hearts just go right out to patients—and I’m glad we’ve done something to replenish

donation from The William Squire Fund. The project was sponsored by Phyllis Westbook, RN, nurse manager, Patient

“Our staff give so much of themselves— their hearts just go right out to patients— and I’m glad we’ve done something to replenish that.”

that,” she says. “Employees can take a relaxing break, then be ready to go back out to work and give 110 percent.”

The Employee Tranquility Room was made possible by a

Care Directors Lowden and Jennifer Cassin, RN, as well as Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer Mary Ellen Plass, RN. The room was designed by Diane Stredney,

Healing Touch Program coor- dinator and Sharon Wheeler, Healing Arts Program man- ager. Mike Lopez, engineer- ing, oversaw the project.

The room can accommo- date up to three people at a time. Employees are asked to use the sign-in sheet located on the door and limit their time in the room to 15 minutes.

If you have any questions, please page Sharon Wheeler, healing arts program manager, at 422-1587 or Diane Stredny, healing touch program coor- dinator at 422-6054. For general mechanical issues, please call ext. 2-4444.

Grace Period Added to Medical Spending Plan

The grace period is intended to help alleviate the “use it or lose it rule” for the Medical Spending Account by extending the time Albany Med employees can incur eligible expenses

from your 2006 election until March 15, 2007. The deadline to submit claims for 2006 expenses, including those incurred during the grace period, is still March 31, 2007.

All claims, including those expenses incurred during 2006, must now be submitted to the plan’s new administrator, MVP Select Care, Inc. Claim forms are available on the Albany

Med intranet site, the HR information centers, or the human resources office at 411 Myrtle Avenue.

Please call 262-4426 with questions concerning the grace period.

Service Recognition Awards

Celebrating During January...

40 Years

Maria Mansfield

35 Years

Annette Gailliard

30 Years

Dennis Durham, Maureen Hewitt Stephanie Lombardo, Lisa Mann

25 Years

Sharon Baker, Laure Bicknell, David Bruce Marilyn Dockum, Donna Huttner Patricia Matthews, Shauna Peckham

20 Years

Patricia Ann Delsignore, Cathy Harrington Michele Mueller, Robin Weiss

15 Years

Jenny Brandt, Anjela DePrima, Howell Morris Edward O’Flaherty, Barbara Sanderson, Raymond Sitcer

10 Years

Jennifer Bruzdzinski, Angela Carlucci, Carlos Chajon Lori Hughes, Patrick Keegan, Sandra McGraw Melva McKenzie, Pete Mead, Marylou Morigerato Rita Paulits, Joanne Smith, Linda Sulem, Anna Young

5 Years

Jannine Audino, Geraldine Burch, Phillip Campaner Robert Castledine, Christine Cook, James Drake Tammy Frodyma, Christopher Gentile, Drita Kulira Erin Lyons, Helen Park-Kim, Jill Proskin, Toni Rangela Paul Spurgas, Moire Stone, Patricia Tonko Jenna Wood, Willie Young

ALBANY MED TODAY Vol. 2, No. 1 • January 15, 2007

Albany Med Today is published twice a month by the Public Relations Department for the employees, staff, students, alumni, board members and volunteers of the Albany Medical Center.

Comments and story suggestions can be directed to the Albany Medical Center Public Relations Department, 43 New Scotland Avenue (Mail Code 125), Albany, N.Y. 12208 or by faxing to (518) 262-3880, or by calling (518) 262-3421.


James J. Barba President and Chief Executive Officer

Louis Filhour, RN Senior Vice President for Clinical Quality

Steven M. Frisch, MD Executive Vice President of IDS and Hospital Systems General Director

George T. Hickman Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

William C. Hasselbarth Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Gary J. Kochem Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Vincent Verdile, MD Dean and Executive Vice President for Health Affairs

Richard M. Cook Executive Vice President for Polic , Planning and Communications

Catherine Halakan Senior Vice President for Human Resources

Lee R. Hessberg Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Bernadette Pedlow Senior VP for Hospital Business Services and Hospital Chief Operating Officer

Mary Ellen Plass, RN Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer

Henry Pohl, MD Vice Dean for Academic Administration

Robert A. Catalano, MD Vice President, Medical Affairs and Medical Director of AMCH and SCC

Fardin Sanai Senior VP for Development and Foundation Operations

Timothy W. Duffey Hospital Director - AMC South Clinical Campus

Ferdinand Venditti, MD Chai , Dept. of Medicine and President, FOC

Beth Engeler Editor

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