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Planning Commission Minutes December 28, 2005

Mike Brennan, 2001 South Rainbow, Las Vegas, NV appeared on behalf of the applicant stating the easement was currently in place. He also stated the second paragraph of the Staff Report addressed the open space, saying it was not clear what existed on the open spaces. He stated there were two pools, two club houses, two jacuzees and there was a very large open space to the north of the second pool and in that open space they were proposing a gazebo as requested. There was also two playgrounds that were being addressed. The playgrounds may not be up to IPEMA, as they were existing when the property was purchased, but they would replace them if necessary and bring them up to current code. There were currently barbeques in place on the picnic sites and they were willing to add picnic tables. The floor plans had been submitted. Given the fact the development was an existing development, he believed it would be difficult and disruptive to the community to add a circuitous path with exercise stations around the development. He suggested they be allowed to put it in another area, possibly around the perimeter and, if necessary, have it go through the grassy areas. He added, if the Commission felt it was necessary, they would be happy to comply. He requested approval on the condition that prior to the final map submission, they had met with the Parks and Recreation Department and had addressed and alleviated all of their concerns.

Commissioner Dean Leavitt asked the applicant what was being done to assist the displaced tenants. Mr. Brennan responded the tenants were being offered the first option to purchase the units. The project was being done in phases. They were taking one or two building, giving the tenant the option to purchase, and then starting the conversion process. Commissioner Leavitt asked the time line for completion. Mr. Brennan responded the estimated time for completion was 12 months.

Commissioner Harry Shull asked the applicant if he concurred with the four conditions recommended by Staff.

Bill Childs of Redrock Engineering responded they agreed with all conditions with the exception of the request for the circuitous path, Condition No. 4.a. Putting an eight foot pathway through the development would be extremely difficult and they were open to suggestions other than a jogging path which would destroy landscaping that was currently in place and asked for Condition No. 4.a to be deleted or amended.

Commissioner Shull asked if this was an apartment complex that they were putting a tentative map on. Mr. Brennan responded it was originally constructed as an apartment complex and added, there were exercise rooms in the two clubhouses.

Chairman Jay Aston explained many of Staff concerns could have been addressed, if the applicant had met with Parks and Recreation Staff and suggested Condition No. 4.a be amended so the applicant could work out the lighting and other details with Parks and Recreation.

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