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Office of Systems Integration

Evaluation and Selection Plan


Coordinating the issuance of any addenda to the RFP and any responses to bidder questions;

With input from DGS and sponsor legal staff, determining the materiality of deviations from the RFP;

Coordinating responses to any protests; and

Developing the Evaluation and Selection Report which recommends the final selection of the contract awardee.

2.3.2 Acquisition Specialist

Clearly indicate who services as the Acquisition Specialist. The Acquisition Specialist is a representative from the Procurement Center. In a delegated procurement, the Acquisition Specialist is also responsible for the tasks outlined for the Procurement Official above.

The OSI Acquisition Specialist’s primary responsibilities include:

Serving as the liaison between DGS and the Project

Coordinating all communication (including documents) between DGS and the Project

Serving as the Procurement Official and has overall responsibility for the procurement (if delegated)

2.3.3 Project Procurement Manager

Describe the responsibilities of the project’s Procurement Manager. Since the DGS Analyst is usually the Procurement Official, clearly indicate the responsibilities of the Procurement Manager vs. the Procurement Official. Usually the Procurement Manager is more responsible for coordinating the teams and collecting forms, worksheets and questions. Indicate the level of responsibility for the Procurement Manager.

The Project Procurement Manager is the person designated by the project to manage and direct the procurement process for the project. The Project Procurement Manager is responsible for the following activities:

Working with the Acquisition Specialist to ensure the evaluation is conducted in accordance with the project’s documented evaluation procedures;

Training the Evaluation Team on the evaluation procedures and use of the worksheets and scoring sheets;

Providing periodic status reports to the Project Manager and Project Sponsor;

Coordinating the evaluation and scoring discussions;

Making task assignments for review of the proposals;

Ensuring the accuracy of completed worksheets and scoring sheets;

Coordinating the final selection recommendation with the Procurement Official and the selection approvers; and

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