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Evaluation and Selection Plan


Assisting in the preparation of the Evaluation and Selection Report.

2.3.4 Evaluation Team

Describe the responsibilities of the team. If there are sub-teams, this section may list them separately if it the responsibilities are significantly different between the teams and/or may indicate responsibilities for sub-team leads vs. sub-team evaluation members. Focus on level of responsibility and authority, or expectations for availability and duties.  For example:

“The Administrative/Project Management Review (APMR)Evaluation Sub-Team will be responsible for evaluating the Draft and Final Proposals for compliance with Section IV. Administrative Requirements, Section V. Part One – General Terms and Conditions, and Section V. Part Two – Project Management requirements.

The APMR Evaluation Sub-Team consists of:

John Doe

Jane Smith….  “

If private legal counsel has been retained, indicate the level of their responsibility and their specific role vs. the role of the sponsor legal and DGS legal. Indicate to whom the private counsel reports.

If a pool of alternates, supporting subject matter experts, or consultants have been identified as advisors or resources to the evaluation team, indicate their responsibilities and to whom they report. Indicate specific names on the organization chart above or in a team roster.

The Evaluation Team is responsible for performing the evaluation of proposals in accordance with the procedures defined in this plan. The evaluators are responsible for the following activities:

Reviewing the requirements of the RFP prior to the beginning of the evaluations;

Reviewing the assigned sections of the proposal in a timely manner;

Performing corporate and individual reference checks of the bidders and proposed bidder staff in accordance with the Evaluation Plan;

Completing review worksheets and scoring sheets in accordance with the Evaluation Plan;

Notifying the Procurement Official and Project Procurement Manager of any questions, concerns or issues that arise during the evaluation process; and

Scoring the final proposals.

2.4 Evaluation Approvals

List the specific organizations involved in the approvals of the bidder selection. The table in the template shows the typical approvers that should be customized, as needed.

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