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Office of Systems Integration

Evaluation and Selection Plan


The initial evaluation training is provided to all evaluation team members approximately < xxx  > weeks before the draft proposals are due. The training is conducted by the Project Procurement Manager with assistance from the Procurement Official and covers the following topics.

Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality

Background of the Project

Overview of the Evaluation Process

Schedule of the Evaluation Process

Evaluator Responsibilities

The primary purpose of the initial evaluation training is to provide evaluators and introduction to the upcoming evaluations and ensure they understand their roles, responsibilities and the expected time commitment. If any individual feels they are unable to meet the commitments or if they have a potential conflict of interest situation, the Project Procurement Manager may need to identify alternate evaluators to replace or supplement the team.

4.2 Prepare for Proposals

Describe the specific preparation activities which will be performed to ensure the team can perform their evaluations efficiently. Generally the activities consist of administrative tasks to procure materials, office supplies and confirm storage, meeting and review spaces.

Discuss any other preparations to be performed or coordinated, such as badges, key cards, special user accounts, iManage or web access, etc.

There are many logistical activities that must be coordinated prior to beginning the proposals’ evaluations. Specifically, the Project Procurement Manager must ensure that all physical space, storage, security, and communication considerations are in place.  

In order to maintain confidentiality of the evaluation process, all evaluation activities occur at the project’s evaluation site. This site is secured using locked entry doors. Unauthorized persons are allowed in the area only when escorted by an evaluation team member, and are only allowed in the designated conference rooms.

The following are the primary activities to prepare for proposal evaluations:

Making copies of all evaluation forms and scoring worksheets;

Making copies of all training materials;

Providing copies of the RFP and any addenda for use as reference materials;

Reserving quiet spaces for review of proposals;

Reserving secure conference rooms for team discussions;

Establishing secure storage facilities for proposals and working papers; and

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