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Evaluation and Selection Plan


Verifying access or copies of bidders library materials are available for reference.

5. Letter of Intent Process

This section is sometimes called pre-qualifications. This step of the evaluation process is performed to determine how many bidders are interested in the procurement and to ensure the bidders are qualified to supply and perform the tasks required in the RFP.

After the number of qualified bidders is determined, the evaluation schedule can be refined or adjusted for reviews. If a large number of bidders respond, additional evaluators or sub-teams may need to be convened to mitigate schedule risk.

Participating bidders are required to provide certain documents prior to submission of the draft proposal attesting to their interest, availability and qualifications to bid on the RFP. All required supporting documentation must be submitted by the date specified in the RFP’s Key Action Dates.

5.1 Review Letter of Intent Documentation

This section should discuss how the materials are received and reviewed. Clarify who is involved in the review of these materials. Often this review is performed by the Procurement Official and/or Acquisition Specialist since the volume of materials is small. In some cases, project and/or sponsor fiscal staff are involved to review the bidders’ corporate financial sheets. If additional staff are involved, the Conflict of Interest review (discussed in the next section) should occur first.

Indicate or reference the specific criteria used to review the various items. Indicate how issues, concerns or deficiencies are handled. If additional information is required, discuss how this is handled and who monitors the process to ensure fairness and objectivity.

Indicate what happens at the conclusion of the review, and how qualified and non-qualified bidders are notified of their status. If a bidder is not qualified, indicate what the ramifications are (e.g., if a prime bidder is considered not qualified, can they team with another bidder who is qualified?). Indicate if the bidder can protest or challenge the finding and what the process is.

Indicate if subcontractors need to be reviewed and qualified, either at this step of the process if the subcontractors are known or at a later date when the subcontractor is identified.

The < xxx > reviews the documents submitted and validates all financial information using the criteria defined in Appendix XX.  The < Procurement Official > produces a report of each bidder listing all items submitted, and confirming that their financial information meets the requirements of the RFP.  A bidder may be asked to provide additional information, if necessary to determine compliance with the requirements.  The Procurement Official handles all requests for additional data.

5.2 Review Evaluation Team for Conflict of Interest

Once the prospective bidders are identified, the Evaluation Team must conduct a conflict of interest review. Discuss when and how this occurs, and who leads the review (e.g., Legal, Procurement Official, etc.). Discuss any specific materials which are used to conduct the

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