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Evaluation and Selection Plan



Indicate what happens if an evaluator must be excused due to potential conflict. Indicate how alternates are identified and incorporated into the team. Be sure to brief and review the new team members on conflict of interest, confidentiality, and the initial training materials.

In addition, stakeholders and managers need to review their conflict of interest status once the prospective bidders are identified. Indicate who leads and reviews this and the ramifications of potential conflicts.

After the letters of intent have been received, the Evaluation Team meets to review their conflict of interest status based on the interested bidders. All team members must sign a Conflict of Interest Certification indicating they have no potential or actual conflicts with any of the identified bidders (if they have not done so previously).

If necessary, the Project Procurement Manager works with the project, sponsor, and user organizations to replace evaluation team members or identify alternates to avoid a potential conflict. Any new evaluation team members receive conflict of interest and confidentiality training, as well as initial training on the evaluation process (refer to Section 4.1), and must sign a Conflict of Interest Certification.

The Procurement Official retains the certifications in the procurement files.

5.3 Review Corporate References

Discuss how corporate reference checks are performed. The focus in this section is on the process. Information on scoring corporate references (if they are scored) should be placed in Section 11 of the template.

Indicate who performs the reference checks and how. Indicate how many references will be checked and what happens if the evaluator(s) cannot reach the reference (and if this impacts any scores). Indicate or reference the specific questions and criteria used to evaluate corporate references and any worksheets or forms used to record responses and evaluate the response.

Discuss minimum and maximum number of references to be checked, minimum number of attempts to contact a reference, and estimated amount of time dedicated to checking references (e.g., three business days, one week, etc.). Discuss what happens if a contact is no longer with the company, is on vacation, or declines to respond to the questions.

Describe what happens after reference checks are performed, and what happens if a negative reference check is received or if no references for a bidder can be reached. Is the bidder precluded from being a prime or sub? Are they permitted with any restrictions?

Indicate if subcontractor references are checked (if the subcontractor is known and identified).

Describe the activities that are performed to complete the letter of intent/pre-qualification process, including reporting progress to stakeholders, collecting and filing appropriate paperwork, adjusting the evaluation schedule, conducting lessons learned sessions, and issuing any addenda to the RFP.

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